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Western divisional results

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  • Western divisional results

    Thank you east bay boat club for a great race this weekend. Had lots of fun. Thanks jean McKay for putting together a good show including the dinner Saturday night!

    Divisional results (please someone fill more that I missed including ax and mod)

    1st Lombardo (nats seeded)
    2nd Hale
    3rd Martin

    1st salmon (nats seeded)
    2nd Martin
    3rd Lombardo

    1st Malhiot (nats seeded)
    2nd johnson
    3rd Bahl

    1st Malhiot (nats seeded)
    2nd Nilsen
    3rd Thorsen

    1st Wilde
    2nd Lombardo
    3rd bishop

    1st Malhiot
    2nd Bahl
    3rd bishop

    1st salmon

    Service runabout
    1st Nilsen
    2nd salmon
    3rd Thorsen

    Racing runabout
    1st Nilsen
    2nd Anderson
    2rd Thorsen

    1st salmon
    2nd Martin
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    Kyle Bahl

    "He didn't bump you, he didn't nudge you, he rubbed you, and rubbin' son is racin'!"

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    Thanks Kyle . . .

    It was nice having our neighbors from the North and the South join us in Region 11 for this event. With close to 120 entries we put alot of boats on the water and achieved our goal of promoting racing in Region 11. It was a "Team" effort with the support of EBBC members and Region officials.

    Could not have achieved this goal without the help of our neighbors.
    The weather "gods" were also on our side.


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      I want to give a shout out to the region 11 crew....you guys did a fantastic job of putting race together. Now.....I need to figure out how to get peanut butter stains out of my socks....and everything is cool! (and yes there is a story behind that) Dave


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        I think a good time was had by all. It was great to finally put faces to the names I have seen here so long. Hope everyone had a safe trip home. To really cap off the weekend at 6:30pm sun a Bald eagle drop into turn 1 and flew off with a 12" fish. Wish I had a camera. Pat will you be posting soon.

        Axh: Brittney Swartzenbach (sp)

        500ccmh 2nd ? Powell


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          Originally posted by Stu Ford View Post
          Pat will you be posting soon.
          Stu (and all),

          Here's a link to the links:


          On behalf of those of us who came a long way to participate, I want to just point out what a total ROCKSTAR Job that Stu Ford did as Pit Boss. Your motor ran all weekend, and you kept the show rolling, doing more work than many of us could believe. Definitely, the Hardest Working Man in Region 11....at least last weekend.

          Again, thanks for your efforts.


          "No, THAT is why people hate him."


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            Ya....Stu rocked. One of the boats (CSR?) stalled coming out of the pits..we needed all 8 to make divisionals. Stu swam out to boat and brought it back in to get it started....just in time....great job. Dave


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              Originally posted by daveracerdsh View Post
              Ya....Stu rocked. One of the boats (CSR?) stalled coming out of the pits..we needed all 8 to make divisionals. Stu swam out to boat and brought it back in to get it started....just in time....great job. Dave
              That was me. I use two kill switches for my 302 and the spring in one of them must be getting weak as the clip came out twice over the weekend.

              Stu did a fabulous job and we can't thank him enough. He not only ran the ramp but he helped various racers get boats in the water, started and back out of the water. He was terrific.


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                Stu's the man, he'll give you 110% and then some. Wish I could have been there.
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                Bob Burrell
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                  Karl Restart...

                  Just watching Stu take a flying leap off the dock was the highlight of my weekend.... The man got it done!
                  Dan Wilde

                  "Don't let a win go to your head, or a loss to your heart." Chuck D


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                    A big shout out to EVERYONE that helped pull the race together. And all of the drivers, crews and families that attended.

                    Race Results are now posted on the EBBC website:

                    And the Region 11 website:

                    Thanks Again for your support


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                      hooray for Stu Ford!!! I am STILL gonna get you in one of my boats!!! Your bestest buddy, Joe John...