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sept 10 and 11 copperopolis ca salt springs reservoir

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    yes the wind won

    blow out both days so no racing was the typical expensive trip for us another broken trailer axle big tow bill for to take trailer home on the way we had a strap break on one of the a hydros so the boat fell of top rtack and did some major damage but fixable i was going to make my official start of my racing career too sucks i quess i will have to wait till 2012 season bakersfield for us doesn''t look good for us or at least me without the trailer my brother will probable only take one boat if he goes


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      Actually the wind died down by late morning. We got to do some testing. I even drove a Sport C. No smart remarks now, and I am over 60 so I was a legal driver.

      I stuck around until Monday to help Tony run his boat. It was glass smooth so we had to wait for a breeze to come up to get a little run able water. Oh what a difference a day makes.

      On Saturday afternoon with the wind still blowing, I went sailing on Lake Yosemite with Darrel Sorensen. I spent more time paddling than anything else. No wind at all. We should have brought the sailboat back to Salt Springs where the wind was.