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Region 10 CSH Mid-Season-Madness, Round of 16 Matchup #2 vs #15

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  • Region 10 CSH Mid-Season-Madness, Round of 16 Matchup #2 vs #15

    Round of 16: #2 vs. #15

    This is a round-robin, single elimination bracket (similar to the NCAA Tournament), that puts Ranked #16 vs #1, #15 vs #2, #14 vs #3, and so on against each other, allowing the strongest to survive and advance. Yea, that sounds fun, but where it gets tricky - the type of boat and type of course will be pre-selected for the competitors to which they must battle with.

    Here’s the different type of COURSES to be selected from:
    • 1 ⅔ Mile Perfect Record Water
    • Rough ¾ Mile Short Course
    • Modified Lemans
    • Parking Lot - Pulling your Boat with your bicycle
    • Sammamish Slough
    • Heart Lake Marathon with the Right-Hand-Turn around the Point

    Here’s the types of BOATS to be selected from:
    • CSH Switch - Race your direct competitors Boat
    • Unlimited
    • JSR
    • Paddling your boat after it stalled in the first turn
    • F1H20
    • Motor-Boatin’ at the Bar (Translation: who gets the girl first)

    Each Boat and Course will be randomly selected by throwing a dice.

    For instance: Because of how the dice fell, Driver A vs. Driver B, will be racing an: Unlimited on a: Modified Lemans Course. How can this be? Well, it probably can’t, but from the beginning, we’ve said that the voting is arbitrary and we’re just taking that to a new level.

    - - - -

    After the First Race in the Mid-Season Madness, K-Lew put Bob to rest. https://hydroracer.net/forums/forum/m...atchup-1-vs-16

    Second Race of the Madness puts the veteran Mike Kelly against the relative newbie Tanner Cole. And with the roll of the dice:


    Boat: Motor-Boatin
    Course: 1 2/3 Record Water

    Now its up to you, the public to see who makes it to the next round! Voting ends Friday the 24th at Midnight PST.

    Vote Early, Vote Often!

    Power Rankings Calculations - Madness Bracket.jpg
    Attached Files
    Mike Kelly
    Tanner Cole

    The poll is expired.


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    after Tanner's perfect 10 blow over this year at Castle Rock and the fact Mike is married I'm going with D'Kid


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      Sorry Tanner but I bet Mike is one hell of a motor-boater. Mike wins with experience!
      Nathan Adams 65R


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        Brutal matchup Tanner. I've seen JMK's motor boatin skills at the bar before his married years.....dude has skills. Plus add in the perfect record water and it's a massive mismatch. This is one for Tanner to chalk up as experience in the Dance and prove he can continue to improve for the coming years rounds.
        Kyle Bahl

        "He didn't bump you, he didn't nudge you, he rubbed you, and rubbin' son is racin'!"