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Region 10 CSH Mid-Season-Madness, Round of 16 Matchup #1 vs #16

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  • Region 10 CSH Mid-Season-Madness, Round of 16 Matchup #1 vs #16

    Round of 16, First Match up is upon us!

    This is a round-robin, single elimination bracket (similar to the NCAA Tournament), that puts Ranked #16 vs #1, #15 vs #2, #14 vs #3, and so on against each other, allowing the strongest to survive and advance. Yea, that sounds fun, but where it gets tricky - the type of boat and type of course will be pre-selected for the competitors to which they must battle with.

    Here’s the different type of COURSES to be selected from:
    • 1 ⅔ Mile Perfect Record Water
    • Rough Mile Short Course
    • Modified Lemans
    • Parking Lot - Pulling your Boat with your bicycle
    • Sammamish Slough
    • Heart Lake Marathon with the Right-Hand-Turn around the Point

    Here’s the types of BOATS to be selected from:
    • CSH Switch - Race your direct competitors Boat
    • Unlimited
    • JSR
    • Paddling your boat after it stalled in the first turn
    • F1H20
    • Motor-Boatin’ at the Bar (Translation: who gets the girl first)

    Each Boat and Course will be randomly selected by throwing a dice.

    For instance: Because of how the dice fell, Driver A vs. Driver B, will be racing an: Unlimited on a: Modified Lemans Course. How can this be? Well, it probably can’t, but from the beginning, we’ve said that the voting is arbitrary and we’re just taking that to a new level.

    The First Match Up is:
    Kyle Lewis, our Region 10 Top Ranked CSH driver is up against Bob Wartinger, who just squeaked by to reach the Top 16. ( http://tinyurl.com/nkr5mjd for a Re-Cap and how this Competition works).

    With the Roll of the Dice:

    The Boat: Switch CSH's and the Course: the Sammamish Slough!

    This is an interesting match up. The Sammamish Slough was once on of Region 10's greatest gems, discontinued in the 70's but is now being partially resurrected with great support from the local towns and agencies. Both Bob and Kyle have participated in the Resurrection of the Slough, so.....

    Voting ends July 11th at Midnight, so vote early, vote often!
    Kyle Lewis
    Bob Wartinger

    The poll is expired.

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    I've got to give this to K Lew. Main reason is AGE. Bob will run a smart race and not risk getting hurt. K Lew will go for broke, although he may end up on the beach, he can pull it off.


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      KLEW has this. Even with Bob running his equipment, Kyle get's to run Bob's. NO SLOUCH. Kyle will have the young stones to pull this one out on a tough/tight course.
      Kyle Bahl

      "He didn't bump you, he didn't nudge you, he rubbed you, and rubbin' son is racin'!"