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    The US Title Series begins the season at Lake Alfred, Fl, a favorite venue as the beautiful park and setting makes a wonder place to start round one of Six for the USTS this year. We will be running our full schedule under the auspices of The Race For Kids Foundation. Our thanks to Gary Levin and crew for their continued support of the Title Series year in and year out.

    We expect a great turnout at the venue with many new boats, new drivers to start the year. We understand that Andy Kirts has put together a capsule boat to join his Dad Jim and Grandpa Dan on the water in these exciting 500 and 1100H categories. In addition, James Aderholt had returned to the states and he and Chris Hellsten will be sharing a 250/350R built by the incomparable Mike Krier. John Palmquist and Mike Wienandt have teamed up in the Wienandt Performance Technology W-97's in 125/175H. John has been racing bikes the past couple of years, but is certainly no stranger to outboard racing as he has numerous National Titles to his credit.

    While at Lake Alfred we will be joining the Hooten Family in honoring their Patriarch Tommy Hooten who passed through the veil a few months ago. We invite all of our team's and fans to join us immediately after the last heat of racing on Saturday afternoon in the park to join with us in this celebration of Tommy's life. He definitely would want it to be a celebratory event. We will invite friends and family members to share with us any of the thoughts that they may have in remembrance of Tommy.

    Speaking of new things this year. Here is a brand new capsule boat built by Paul Trolian for that perennial contender and past champion David Hooten. David is picking up that brand new ride this weekend in Indiana for preparations for Lake Alfred. Looks like a great new ride for David and should have a good turnout of capsules at Lake Alfred for him to contend with.

    As I mentioned Lake Alfred is round one with Pleasant Prairie Wisconsin on Memorial Day Weekend, then Springfield, Illinois at the end of June, then off to Constantine, Mi for the start of speedweeks, the USTS Nationals at Lake Depue with our great Sponsor THE DePue Mens Club, then we close the season at Clarksville, Ar. with a record one mile course laid out by the folks from NBRA who will host us in a joint venture at Lake Ludwick.

    Don't forget the Mod's will be joining us at the USTS Nationals at DePue this year with the BMH/CMH/750MH/850MH/850R all joining the fray at DePue. We will have a schedule up soon so that any of the APBA members going to Wakefield for Mod or CSH racing can make it back to DePue and join in the fun. The CSH can run in the BMH, CMH, and the OSY400 classes at DePue. A one time race membership of 50.00 will be available to non USTS drivers. Remember this race will be paying prize money for the top finishers.


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    Really hope to be joining you guys in a few weeks in Lake Alfred! Can't wait to come hangout and enjoy watching some good racing in the Florida sunshine.
    John Mathews @ Mathews Racing L-390

    Cell#: 318-794-4515


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      been a long time coming and me getting back in the boat racing since my father Edward Poole left us to that great racing lake above . Looking forward to seeing some places that I haven't seen for many years not sure if they'll remember me I'm sure many will is all through the 80s and 90s we were constant at every race in the year w/ my cousins and my uncle William (Bill Poole ) my dad and I . And I remember the first time he got into a laydown one of the older DeSilva laydowns owned by David. Westbrook Which ended up purchasing and ran the konig 350 New purchase by Scott Smith built by Dan Kirts **** that was fast the only progress from there. As I go as far back as remembering the eastern pro divisionals at Lake Acworth Georgia in 78'79' those were the days !!! See everyone in Lake Alfred in two weeks