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Mercury 22ci Powerhead on 20h Conversion Tower

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  • Mercury 22ci Powerhead on 20h Conversion Tower

    Has anyone ever mounted a late 70’s early 80’s mercury 22ci powerhead on a conversion tower? I’ve seen them mounted on a regular 20h tower, wondering if anyone has put one on the conversion tower. Reason for this is I have a tower here that no one seems to want and I’m not chasing coils for the old mark powerheads. So time to come up with a game plan for this tower. The 22ci powerheads are dirt cheap and I can get parts.

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    You say you have a conversion tower that nobody wants?! Feel free to put me on the “wants” list!


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      Well not exactly giving it away. Ask is 1000 CDN which is what? About 730 US at recent exchange rates. Pretty reasonable ask considering condition. Swivel bushings are tight, clamps are good, really clean unit, hasn’t been used much. If it had a nice ID tag I’d be asking for more. These days it seems like people are more interested in posting up race pictures and schedules on social media than having any type of real discussion. No big deal. If I end up getting a 22 ci powerhead I’ll make it work, have full machining capability here at my shop now.


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        At 1000 CDN that has to be without the gear case. Are you looking for a complete 22 ci power head compete with ignition, carb, recoil, ready to run?

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      Yes Pete. Was going to take your advice and off the tower and not go down this rabbit hole. I can get complete 20 merc powerheads RTR for a couple of hundred. I’m not going to chase coils for the old powerheads but I do have a contact for getting those rewound. Then i still have to get a foot and would run a deep skeg unit. Would really rather move on from this project.


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        What about the filler block and elbow?

        Dean F. Hobart


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          If I go forward with this project I’ll make it work. First thing, get the powerhead. I have full machining capability in my shop now so no need to use others equipment or farm it out. Back when I worked at Ford Windsor Casting Plant I could make a pattern of something and make the part if I needed something modified. I did it with 2.3 liter intakes. There were people working on a lot of things back in the day. Saw someone who runs at Bonneville make a v6 engine from scratch based on 351 Cleveland geometry.