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Removing Decals From Merc Plastic Cowls

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  • Removing Decals From Merc Plastic Cowls

    I have some new 25xs decals and I want to peel off the old ones without messing up the plastic
    finish. Does anyone know how this is done. Your advice would be appreciated. Thanks.

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    Mineral spirits???


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      About decal removal.
      I have had my best luck using a 3M "adhesive/decal remover" solvent. I am sure there are other brands.. None are cheap.
      The other important tool is a heat gun (a hair dryer will work in a pinch.)
      Whatever you do, don't get the decal too hot...you will melt the adhesive but you will also weaken the vinyl which will stretch and tear as you try to pull it off...creating a new problem.
      Not only that, you can easily create deep scratches/scars in the plastic surface if you are using a scraper or putty knife on a surface that is too hot.
      Good luck.


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        Thanks for the advice, I appreciate it.


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          It's just a fishing engine cowling... buff it, scrape it, use solvents on it, sand it, paint it, etc... Then slap on the new decals. The "junk price" on these parts from fishing engines is going lower year by year and they are all over the internet.


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            On one cowl only the front decal need to be replaced and so I want to avoid damage. I do like your
            suggestion to repaint and then apply new decals however. Thanks for chiming in.


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              There is also a rubber wheel that chucks up in your drill called a decal residue remover. It's a 3M product located near the touchup paint in autoparts stores. I have heard good things about them but never tried one.

              Here are several video reviews of it: https://www.youtube.com/results?sear...y=decal+eraser
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