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Sorensen Jackel J Kit

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  • Sorensen Jackel J Kit

    Has anyone built one of the J kits , It looks like a great boat with proven history. Any coments or other other recomended boats? We will be running a Merc .. I told Jack he could have a runabout if he did well in the hydro last season.. He one region 1 hi points .. Guess I better live up to my end of the deal..

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    Yes, A great father son project. Boats are fast also. Can run J, AX and A.
    Started one a while ago for something to do and had to put it aside with other boat building projects and serious family matters plus a broken fibula. I highly recommend the kit.
    bill b


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      Jake Alkama

      Jake runs one in "J" and "AXS" with good results. His father Gregg built the kit. PM me and I can give you contact info for Gregg if you want to discuss the build with him.
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      Tom L.


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        The new Jackal kits go together even nicer. The cockpit sides and other plywood frameing parts are cut with a cnc router.



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          Who makes the skid fin for the jackle?

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        The Jackal is great!

        My son Justin and I built one and had a blast. See this old thread:

        We have plenty more pics if you decide to buy one let me know and I will send them to you.

        Heck, the kit is so easy even a nerd like me can build one!

        You and Jack will enjoy the experience.
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          Let us know of different fin mount brackets that have been used on my Jackal runabouts. Darrell


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            Wow old thread- I used a 3x3 x 5/16 aluminum angle about 5 inches long .- installed a wood block inside the hull when we built it, and put the angle thru a slot in the side of the hull . it looked like a 3 inch fin on the out side of the hull - sealed around the slot with 3M 5200 . used 6061 T 6 for a fin with a swept back leading edge - installed with 2 5/16 bolts - had 3 sets of fore and aft bolt holes, Was a great boat to build and race.