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WTB 44xs

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  • WTB 44xs

    Looking to buy a 44xs must be in nice shape . Let me know what you have . Jamie upstate NY 518-863-four eight 19

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    Someone must have one for sale??????


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      Still looking!!!


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        *Maybe he still has the 44xs


        *Also contact David at


        *Try Frank Erion 2six9-seven2zero-one3three7 or email fderion@msn.com tell Frank Pete Sushinsky gave contact info

        * Could join Johns Old Merc site and ask for a 44xs lots of stuff there

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          -in the unlikely event that u should find a p/h, I have a NOS 44XS AIA mid section. Also have a newly built 1-under profiled mod l/u, but I could maybe find a 1:1.
          Brian Hendrick, #66 F
          "the harder we try, the worser it gets"


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            Originally posted by bh/ View Post
            -in the unlikely event that u should find a p/h, I have a NOS 44XS AIA mid section.
            Brian, I feel like the powerhead is the easiest part... The midsection from AIA is an amazing casting and from there, an entire 44XS can be built from available parts. Stock 20/25hp Mercury 2-stroke fishing motors from 1984 thru 2006 have the correct clamps & swivel bracket used on the Mercury 10XS/25XS/44XS racing engines. Alan Akerstrom does a perfect machine work job on the fishing swivel so it fits the racing tower, including harder bushings. You send him just the swivel bracket... Nothing else except inform him if you're building it for 10/25XS or the 44XS and whether you'll use a tuner gasket.
            The gearcase can run a stock D Quicksilver if you can't find a 44XS gearcase. The lower pan & cowling are next hardest to find, but there were several reproductions made. The powerhead is a 1987 Mercury Classic'50' fishing engine but you need the rope start recoil & associated parts. Just a myriad of little parts under the cowling made the 44XS a very unique engine compared to it's fishing engine brothers (compared to a 25XS which is basically a fishing engine under the cowl and uses the exact same cowling, lower pan & rewind as fishing engine. Of course, you know all this... It's just great to get on here again and refresh my memory. The 10/25/44XS engines are the center of my love for Mercury Racing!


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              Tom; -no, I did not know all that, or maybe just not any more ? Am not surprised the clamps &c came from the 20/25hp motor, as the the tilt pin holes fail under the 44", and it must be raced with a thrust block. I have never seen a serious 44XS with the OEM formed threads on the thumb
              screws. All were refitted with heli-coils and early fine thread screws. I bought this mid direct from AIA , the last of 2 they had, intending to
              build a D stock motor for use under the (new) Super Thunderbolt rule for D-Stock . Then APBA changed its mind, and by the time it was
              reinstated, I was into Cmod. And so it sits.... ps; Alan A did this Dmod l/u 4 me ! Cheers...!
              Brian Hendrick, #66 F
              "the harder we try, the worser it gets"


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                Are you still looking for a 44xs?


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                  Still looking for a 44xs Must be someone has one?