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  • retirement sale

    after 67 years of racing I have given up my favorite hobby and have a lot of nice equipment for sale.
    tom Cronk built tea craft 125-175 hydro in nice condition 1900.
    bud gann built 125 mod hydro I never got to run.all hardware and ready to go. 3900.
    new never ran 125 fireball mod engine mounted on Rossi tower and has pipe bracket and steer bar 1800
    125 howard pickerel engine broke in on Rossi tower with pipe bracket and steer bar 1600
    125 dewald 3 blade pro prop 250
    125 dewald 3 blade mod hydro prop 250
    boat cart steel square tubing adjustable length w/ wheels 75.
    cut suit top and bottom clean large size my weight 190 in very nice condition 275.
    security life jacket is adjustable in nice condition 300.
    srp kevlar lined racing shoes size 10.5 I never used 75.
    my teenee double deck racing trailer with steel motor box. always stored inside removable top deck 1200
    175 dewald 3 blade for for 175 pro hydro 300.
    digatron DTkrt2 engine temp and tack checker 150.
    John maddrell modjohn300@aol.com or phone 3309563899 I am in canton ohio C2E76B70-0BC9-4158-9558-BEB33ED7024C.jpeg 53C52C06-12E1-497C-9EC6-83BD572B5743.jpeg C85F8081-E1DF-4585-9C50-34D282B5BB51.jpeg 2B9C4629-219C-4978-B5A8-01BFB8A5D269.jpeg

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    E991A1A6-C38A-4CF8-9ECB-4F5C0D235C24.jpeg CB6A0523-5702-47F3-A205-97309AEE971C.jpeg E991A1A6-C38A-4CF8-9ECB-4F5C0D235C24.jpeg for got to mention any purchase includes a dozen of my chocolate chip cookies.


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      John, do you have any VRP parts still for 125?
      David Weaver


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        I have 2 mikuni 38mm carbs that I used on the vrp125 and assorted jets. also have a new pipe bracket that Steve made for me that I never used. also a gear box with 11:16 gears. let me know if you would be interested in any of these items.
        also have a gas operated pipe puller mounted on a aluminum plate with throttle.



        • David Weaver
          David Weaver commented
          Editing a comment
          Thanks John. I am primarily looking for 125cc piston for the long rod version and possibly a cylinder or two for 2008 or later engines.

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        I also might be interested in some of your 125VRP stuff. And by the way am very happy with the starter from you