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    C-Service Runabout Rig: 13'3" fully-rigged 1980 bubble-deck De Silva, refurbished in 2020, with in-cockpit pressure-feed fuel tank and 12-volt ignition battery. Boat has not been on the water since refurbishing; Post-war Evinrude Speeditwin with high-compression exhaust-ported cylinders, 12-volt electronic ignition, Vacturi racing carb, 1931 racing gearcase, and hand-held Coleman 12-volt electric starter. Engine can run on either gasoline or methanol with simple adjustments to the carburetor's needle valves. Rig is on an easy-towing, single-axle Northern Tools open trailer and includes a boat cart that needs repair. $1800

    Also available: 11' Hal Kelley-design Foo-Ling runabout built new in 2014 from a Darryll Sorenson frame kit. Boat is fully rigged and has an external fuel tank mounted on the port side of the transom. Boat has never been on the water. $1000.

    Pro Rig - 250 cc Hydro: 11'-7-1/2" pickle-fork tunnel-bottomed 4-point hydroplane built by Buddy Smith circa 1980. This unique boat is wicked fast and a joy to handle. My present power for it is a 1979 250cc Quincy Z-engine with custom exhaust by me and updated carburetion. Mike Schmidt borrowed this engine from me for almost 10 years and won a high-point championship with it in Restricted B 10 or more years ago . . . very reliable and easy to start. When I got the engine back from Mike, I updated the exhaust again and added bigger 38mm Mikuni carbs. This one-pull engine pushes the Buddy Smith hydro to 94 mph, too slow for 250cc competition against current Italian engines, but the boat would make an excellent, easy-handling 125cc or 175cc hydro. Prices negotiable, make offers.

    Assorted 2- and 4-blade Smith (and other) stainless-steel props: 2-blade $55; 4-blade $110.

    This stuff is available for pickup in Toano, VA - a Williamsburg suburb - an easy mile-and-a-half off I-64 at Exit 227. Contact Dave Whitford at sdwhitford@cox.net. If you want to talk by phone, set up the call first by email, and I'll give you my number, as I don't answer my phone unless the caller is clearly identified . . . just too many junk calls every day.

    Hope to hear from you. - Dave
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