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Back in business: Kurcz racing items for sale

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  • Back in business: Kurcz racing items for sale

    For D/E, 850/SE, and outboard drag racers, my new shop is up & running. Available items include:

    Kinsler-designed CNC machined aluminum velocity stacks for 1.5" throat OMC 1-BBL carbs.
    Engineered carb mounted throttle pull kits for 1.375:" or 1.5" throat OMC 1-BBL carbs.
    Series 3 top-outlet exhaust systems for the 49.7 CI triple - numerous championships/records.
    Series 4 Wiseco long rod pistons for the 49.7 CI triple. Std. +.020", +.030". +.040", +.050", +.060" sizes.
    Kurcz-Parker steel tower weldment only available in 7", 10" and custom sizes.
    Kurcz-Parker steel towers with clamps, vernier thrust, steering bar in 7", 10" and custom sizes.

    Machining, design, & build services include:

    Intake, finger, exhaust porting
    Crankcase & block passage shaping
    Cylinder head milling, chamber shaping
    Pulse tuned triple exhaust systems
    Folded expansion chamber systems for twins & fours
    Water injected full expansion chamber systems twins & fours
    444 (four carb) & 666 (six carb) Mercury engine conversions
    45 twin, 49.7 & 56.1 triple OMC big reed box crankcase conversions
    Nitrous oxide injection conversions - drag only
    Turbocharger conversions - drag only

    PM, text, or call 248-seven-seven-zero-6897 for details and pricing. Thanks,

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