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APBA Yamato Exhaust Kit Owns 500 Hydro and Runabout in ‘14

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  • APBA Yamato Exhaust Kit Owns 500 Hydro and Runabout in ‘14

    previously published: Propeller June ‘15

    Following its introduction, it only took three and a half seasons for an APBA Yamato Exhaust System to win the nationals. 2014 delivered not one, but both 500 mod titles (Hydro and Runabout), both powered with APBA Exhaust Kits. Mike Hauenstein won his first Yamato title of his career in 500 mod Runabout, while J. Michael Kelly adds another, competing with a 302 in 500 mod Hydro.

    J. Michael has tried in the past, but has never stood on the podium at the big event in 500 until his first attempt utilizing the APBA Exhaust System. This year he was the one to beat and no one could.

    The APBA Exhaust System helped lure the Hauensteins to purchase a Yamato. Mike has had an APBA Yamato Exhaust Kit since the inception of the project. In his first year of competing in 500 mod Hydro, Hauenstein earned a 5th. A year later he picked up a 3rd 500 mod Runabout and now he’s the champ.

    At the nationals in Whitney Point, most were not aware that following “marathon guru” Josh Pearson’s 3rd place finish in 500 mod Runabout, he spent less than 30 minutes removing the exhaust kit and replacing it with the Yamato stock parts. Josh later went on to place 3rd in CSR with the same engine, boat and propeller. Josh also enjoys the power boost and high quality design of the kit when he flexes his dominance and properly represents the US when competing in Ecuador.

    The APBA Yamato Exhaust Kit was designed not only to be a tool for drivers to compete in Yamato mod classes, but to win in them. Congratulations to Mike Hauenstein and J. Michael Kelly and thank you for helping prove that the Exhaust System is of championship quality! Donating all of his time, the Exhaust System was designed and is produced by Cliff Johnson of Indianapolis. More than 20 Exhaust Systems have been purchased directly from APBA. You can buy yours for $750.00 by calling 586-773-9700, credit cards accepted. APBA Yamato Exhaust Kits are all inclusive and fully equipped for installation. Separate kits are being produced and are available for your Yamato 80, 102 and 302 engines.

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    To All,

    In addition to the Cliff Johnson Exhaust Kit, our Gear Case has the Cliff Johnson Nose Cone, with the shaping, polishing and water pick-up hole machining done by the Famous Tom Cronk in Florida.

    Also, 302 motor work done by the Famous Steve Benson in Washington.

    Best Regards to All.

    Dean F. Hobart