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    Raymond suggested a thread that we could use to list services, talents etc. that indivdual hydroracers could use to list their services, so here it is. Let's give it a try.

    Please list your service and general details about your business only. This is not intended to be a discussion or "for sale" thread but more of a directory. Use the PM and email options to contact the individuals for additional information if you are interested or in need of their provided service.

    The goal is to support one another in our activites outside of boat racing so that we can all afford to continue racing and having fun, especially in the current economic climate. Remember we have a lot of visitors to the site as well so this is good exposure the potential new racers.


    Welcome to hydroracer, we hope you enjoy your visit.

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    J&B Embroidery and vinyl graphics



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      Aeroliner Boat


      We produce a whole series of Mercury parts that range from drive shafts through two cylinder gasket sets. We also have a large inventory of NOS Mercury parts. Additionally, we manufacture carb parts and fixed jet conversions. If your looking for a clasic Speedliner we have been building them since 1966 from the original plans and patterns. Enjoy our website.

      Alan and David
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        Your Source For Vertex Pistons, Boyesen Reeds, Merc D Impellers, Vintage, Racing, Service & NOS Outboard Motor Parts. Mercury, Yamato, Johnson/Evinrude - OMC.

        Check it out at: www.outboardparadise.com

        Mike DeLisa


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          MRC Montana RaceCraft Blue prints for A-SEH hydros and boat building by print or you cutom specs.

          Mike - One of the Montana Boys

          If it aint fast make it look good


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            Cliff’s Edge Racing LLC produces modified outboard racing parts.

            Some of the parts include:
            Yamato Exhaust Systems for the Yamato 80, 102, and 302 (Can be purchased directly from APBA) The system includes side plate, filler block, manifold, sliding stub, expansion chamber, and pipe support system.

            Mercury Exhaust System for 30H, 55H and 44 Merc. Includes water cooled filler block, side plate, exhaust elbow, and megaphones.

            OMC 3 Hole Exhaust System. Includes side plate, manifold and megaphone.

            Modified Outboard Mid Sections. Extremely strong aluminum mid sections. Two different weights, one for the 25, 80, 102/302 and a heavier one for 55H, 44 Merc, OMC 2 hole and 3 hole. These can all be fit to any gear box.

            Modified Outboard Down House Saddle. This is a very strong saddle to fit between Merc or Yamato clamp brackets and any short mid section.

            Yamato Gearbox Nose Cone. Creates a “Hatchet” shaped gear box and includes water pickup.

            Cliff Johnson
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              Classic Precision

              Kiekhaefer Mercury Specilest

              All types of engine modification and machining. Complete race ready engines built to your specifications. Boring, porting, exhaust systems and more. Restoration service for any Mercury engine.

              Doug Kay
              18036 Delaware St.
              Roseville, MI 48066
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                Keith Kampen

                I am a General Sales Manager of a Ford dealership in St Louis, MO. www.suntrupford.com. Can and will sell and deliver to anywhere in the United States with the best prices anywhere both new and pre-owned. Phone number is 314-497-2502.
                Keith Kampen


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                  Pro Outboard Motors and parts

                  I sell VRP motors and parts as well as Konny Motors and parts. Also Konig repair and parts. Large inventory of NOS Konig parts from the 50's and 60's. Konig restoration services for collectors and special race parts for current motors. I also recondition exhaust syastems for that special collector motor.
                  Yes I do Quincy Flatheads too! Outboard Marine Service
                  Steve Litzell
                  770 428 0568 leave msg.


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                    Hardware & Lower Units

                    I'm a hardware Dealer for (Keller) Portage Bay Systems,(Brown) Brown
                    Tool & Machine HARDWARE manufactors.Check out manufactor's web
                    site listed on HR under HARDWARE
                    Carry most items in stock for quick shipping.Email today
                    for hardware quote.
                    Also reshape lower units to specs for Stock,Mod & PRO.
                    Have Yamato front nose's for 80-102-202-302 ready to install on
                    your MOD unit.
                    CHECK out my add on HR website under for sale forums.

                    Your Boat Racer Friend
                    Tom Cronk


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                      Yamato 302 engines & Boat hardware

                      Importer for the Yamato 302, motors in stock & available for delivery,
                      Yamato Parts, www.yamatoracing.com
                      Also stock Keller/Portage Bay Hardware
                      RPM Marine
                      Seattle, Wa.
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                        Racing Hardware

                        Machined Components LLC
                        Manufacturer and Distributor of Racing Hardware for Stock, Mod and Pro.
                        Towers for Mod & Pro motors.
                        Yamato Prop Shafts
                        No castings, everything machined from 6061 T6 Aluminum bar stock.
                        Anodized for durability.
                        Attached Files
                        Lee Tietze
                        Machined Components
                        Aluminum, Try Racing Without It!