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    Boat Racers, what classes do you race, where do you race and what would you like to race..... and Go🏁
    -Nick Hooten

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    Jack races 300 ssh- 25 ssh- 25 ssr -125 pro-and I have a new 125 pro- East coast racers I am looking forward to the new 125 Oconnor with Rex Hall- Rossi power


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      Great idea!
      Mostly just drive the trailer these days.
      Love racing 20ssH and CSH.
      Race mostly in the Midwest, but we do travel quite a bit some seasons.
      Really enjoy racing at Rock Falls, Pell Lake, and looking forward to returning to DePue this year!


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        500 MH , new this year 750 MH Racing IOA events and some Badger states MRC events also.


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          Raced 20ssh last year in region 1 and building a new composite/wood csh for this year


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            Looks Awesome!

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          I attend the NBRA races in TX, OK, AR, and LA. Currently run CSH, AH (APBA 2O SSH). Would love to take a C-Service runabout for a ride some time in memory of my dad. It was his favorite class and he was very good in it as well.
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