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Will there be a 2021 racing season?

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  • Will there be a 2021 racing season?

    I just read that Dr. Fauci is predicting the US will return to normal in the 2nd or 3rd quarter of 2021. Of course in reality no one really knows when but if I were to believe his prediction that would mean yet another dissasterous racing season. At this point I am faced with a hull that I evidently did some damage to when I tested it in Sept. The sponson skin is pulling away from the rear frame and possibly more internal damage. So I am looking at more repair work or even buying a better hull. As some of you know my sorted racing history, lets just say every bad thing that could happen.....has happen.

    So what are some of your thoughts for the 2021 season? I don't know whether to just pull the plug or forge ahead with fingers crossed.

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    Here’s how I see it, from someone on the site who is more of a rookie than you. Fall is a lousy time to sell a boat. Also the only people out there looking to buy broken boats are people who can fix them and probably want to buy at a deep discount.
    So why not invest a little in what you have, if spring comes and the situation hasn’t improved you’ll still have a far better market to sell your boat.

    As for racing happening, I know if the boarders open there will be people in my corner of Canada heading south to race. But we aren’t taking chances. If the border stays closed we hope to have 2-3 more boats ready to go by spring. Heck if the boarders open we still might invite the New England guys up to show us locals how it’s done.

    I will add that we are in a unique position where our province with its low population density has done exceedingly well during the pandemic. Most of the summer small gatherings were aloud and that the location we ran this summer allowed for lots of social distancing even when putting the boats in the water.


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      We are planning to race a lot next year.


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        As far as selling my boat, that is out of the question for two reasons. 1st it was given to me by a very generous racer to help me get started. 2nd I would not assume the risk of someone getting hurt due to a hull failure. The boat would most likely only go (for free) to an experienced club racer who can evaluate and repair it properly. The hardcore racers are going to put on their race faces no mater what.....I get that. It isn't a matter of money as I can let this stuff sit without an impact to my lifestyle but I ain't getting any younger.


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          There should be plenty of racing. Either way, get your equipment ready to run and do lots of testing in the spring. Then when you get to a race you will be well prepared.


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            Beware , with biden and the mob, how high will gasoline prices go to ?


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              Larry Herman keep your political views to yourself boat racing doesn’t need that. Dave I suggest that you find a good friend that is good at woodworking and get the boat fixed up sounds like an easy fix get ready for 2021


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                Keep wearing and or start wearing your masks and be smart! and then maybe we can get a handle on this and have a somewhat normal 2021 race season.


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                  Without fearmongering and also not getting anyone's hopes up, the honest answer is no one knows what 2021 will look like at this point. You can schedule a race for every weekend all Spring and Summer long on paper, that doesn't mean they will happen. Everyone should prepare and hope for the best and expect things to evolve rapidly both good and bad depending on what part of the country you live in, vaccine rollouts, virus community transmission, etc.. 2021 will no doubt be a challenging year which is to be expected as the entire world slowly emerges from a global pandemic which there is still no approved vaccine for as of this writing. When the calendar rolls to 2021 at midnight during the last day of December the virus will still be around the next morning. Many clubs were able to pull off an abbreviated schedule in 2020 so sure there will be racing in 2021, at what level is yet to be determined.
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                    At this point I am probably just going to keep what I have and hope for the best. I just don't want to put money into an APBA membership and other ancillary expenses just to have my equipment stay in the trailer again. I have to make a decision about 2021 and stick to it. It would be nice if the APBA would keep the cost of joining the same throughout 2021 due to the uncertainty facing us.