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Giving a Bezoat a Second Chance

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  • Albert,

    Perfect….I have always liked NAPA. Back in the day they had magneto parts for KG4’s and 20H’s…. I bought dozens.

    You have a really nice outfit there… Congratulations on the outcome….. Probably one of the best restorations I have seen.

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    Dean F. Hobart


    • Quick update for anyone looking for one.
      The fall got busy in a hurry with us welcoming a new daughter to my house and my work being very very busy. Time has flown and the Bezoat is tucked away for winter. There is some work due in the spring. A small leak at one of the seams, and a new motor plate in the back with captive slots for the motor mount bolts.
      While my basket case motor worked fairly well this year I did pick up another Y80. It's bone stock and had been hoarded away for many many years by a local who kept it for a back up for his lake runner. It's stock down to the prop shaft and early style carb. I will give this motor a once over and re-ring the other motor before spring to hopefully have a good runner and a back up/loaner to help get another local on the water.
      I am still on the hunt for some cut sleeves or a cut shirt as I hope to make it to Maine in the spring and put some names to faces.
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