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What is the impact of 0.030 pistons for Yamato racing

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    Yes you’re right John, luck is also required..... What is the old saying... ‘I’d rather be lucky than good’. I would say, ‘I’d rather be lucky and good’.

    Dean F. Hobart


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      I built a new Dyno and will be able to run accurate Hp vs RPM and torque vs RPM curves. The hardware is built and Johnny will be writing some software for me to make it real easy to get results. From previous Dyno work I know the 20 over motors make more power and expect the 30 over will as well. When the parts are available I will be able to share some of the results, maybe not everything. After all, this is racing.


      • ZUL8TR
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        Awaiting results. I assume you will have a test on stock engine up to standards made on the new dyno to compare broke in +20 and +30 to and note all tune differences? Will you convert all results to same standard base conditions for relative comparisons?

      • GrandpaRacer
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        Will try make it a fair comparison using 3 bocks with 1 carb, same timing, same fuel/oil and hopefully same air density.

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      Almost 2 years have passed, did you ever build that Dino and test out things?
      "Keep Move'n" life is catching up!
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