Via Thomas Mantripp

After a great few days at Coniston today I broke the O-125 World & National Record! Held by Bob Wartinger (84.32mph) and Wayne Turner (83.41mph). I have now increased these records to 85.28mph which is a respectable improvement. Iím extremely proud to have this record along with establishing a new F-125 record at 84.59mph. Behind every driver is a great team and I must thank them all for their tireless efforts as we endeavored for the record; I couldnít have done it without them. Firstly my dad for always helping me with whatever I do, always being there for me and supporting me. The whole of Team Turner Racing, Barry for his wealth of knowledge in Hydroplane racing and record attempts. Wayne & Dale for their constant enthusiasm and knowhow about hydroplanes, not only driving but engine setup, boat setup, propeller choice, telemetry, and anything they can do to help! A big thank you to Giuseppe Rossi for all his support with engine setup and sending a super engine and propeller for this, Iím so grateful for the support from Erko Aabrams building such a great boat and Erik Aaslav-Kaasik making the best propellers. Steve and Ben are always the first to put their waders on and get in the water to lift alongside Nigel starting and lifting. As well as my team; I must thank everyone involved with Coniston Records Week for running such a well-loved event year in year out and all the hard work from everyone to allow us, drivers, to break records! Already Iíve seen so many people congratulating me and I would like to thank everyone. When I saw everyone cheering and clapping after my speed was announced thatís what made me so proud and realize what I had achieved.