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Tabor City Halloween Race

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  • Tabor City Halloween Race

    The teams Everhart, Gibson Campbell would like to thank Carolina Virginia Racing for a great weekend of racing and a great party. Looking forward to next year. Thanks
    David Everhart S52
    David Everhart S52
    Avatar credit - F. Pierce Williams

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    Agree! Thanks CVRA for putting on another great race! We had a lot of fun!!

    It's a shame that Jim Sweeney missed the Halloween party...


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      I didn't see Jim either. Was he there? Did I miss something?
      Tim Weber


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        I heard Serena Williams and John McEnroe made an appearance,they must have had a tournament near by. I wish we had stayed around so I could have gotten an autograph, Jim


        • Matt Dagostino
          Matt Dagostino commented
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          You are a sick puppy!......))

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        I know them personally, send me 100.00 and I will get both autograph's. I will say, she does look bigger in person than on the court. CVRA must have some pull because they came quite a distance for what they must have known would be a great time. It was!


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          Have you ever noticed that you never see Serena Williams and Jim Sweeney in the same place at the same time? Hmmm, pretty odd?

          Great thread, David. It was really nice to talk with you and Mr. Gibson about those cool old motors of yours!

          There are so many to thank for a job well done in CVRA. We all know who they are and I hope they know how much we appreciate them.

          We can prove it again by returning next year! Only 363 more days until the next CVRA Halloween party!



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            On behalf of CVRA thanks to all that came. Those that couldn't make it, we wish you were all there as well. With great cooperation from all we overcame a late start on Saturday and a challenging 1st set. We ran off 44 heats in 5hrs.&20min. with 3 patrol boat changes. Not bad!
            I challenged the drivers at Sundays drivers meeting that we could do better with there help. I told them we would be done racing by 3:30. I was wrong.
            Sunday we started racing at 11:10 am after a CVRA club meeting. We ran off 32 heats in 3hrs. & 58min. with 3 patrol boat breaks. Done racing at 3:08.

            This takes great cooperation from everybody in the pits. Quick patrol boat changes saves a lot of time, thanks to all that helped make this race run smoothly and efficiently.
            If someday we ever get spectators to our races, we can keep the action going and keep them on the edge of their seats all day.

            Most of all, thanks to our outstanding officials on the judges stand. All day from registration on Friday and Saturday 8am through putting away club equipment after the races Sunday, these ladies never stopped. Standing ovation for Joyce Golley, Jill Glossner and Nicki Burwinkle, no matter how fast I wanted to go or what changes we needed to make to keep the show going, they were with me every step of the way making it all possible. Thank you ladies. And thanks to all of the volunteers that worked in patrol boats and on the judges stand often multiple times to make this event a success. Thanks also for Kaitlyn Glossner for helping all weekend doing whatever we needed of her.

            For those that didn't make the trip, "Don't make the same mistake twice!"

            John Runne
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              Not finished yet, just took a work break.
              Others that need mention. Thanks to Kurt and Noah Romberg for handling inspection and setting up the clock both days. JT Breid for fixing both of our rescue boat motors during the week between Wilson and Tabor City as well as all the set up and teardown help and manning patrol boat duties twice each day. Without people like JT we would be in big trouble. Tom Burwinkle for all he does, and he does it all. Jerry Davids for handling patrol boat readiness and pitboss responsibilities. Steve Dunn, we couldn't do it without you, you are always there when we need you, manning the tow boat with ultimate efficiency. Matt D'Agostino & Val thanks for all you do. Charlie Gonyea and family thank you and welcome again to Region 4. Thanks also to the Nichols family, Howie, Pete, Kristin & Becky we can always depend on you. Robin Runne for the Halloween decorations, and letting me do what I love to do, I love you.
              I'm sure I've forgotten somebody?

              Oh yeah. One word Says it all. Abby.

              There are no words to describe your tireless efforts, determination, spirit and love this sport and the people in it. It shows in the smile on your face regardless of the challenges you meet and conquer every day. What you do for our club, our Region and our members and our sport cannot not be replaced. I think I can speak for everyone that knows you. Everybody loves Abby.

              John Runne


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                Plus Abby had the best costume!
                George & moxie