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    This idea was started on a separate post, but think it's worthy of a dedicated thread with some open and honest discussion/feedback...

    What is everyone's thoughts on having a "Super Nationals" that would include J/AX, Pro, Mod, and Stock? What are some of the Pros and Cons of a "Super Nationals" ?

    We were fortunate enough to get to attend the Stock/Mod/J Nationals and the Pro Nationals this summer. We had a great time at both events, but couldn't help but thinking everyone would have benefited by everyone racing together. Hopefully we can get some good discussion flowing in this thread and develop some ideas for future Nationals.

    Next year Stock and Mod will be split again. Many racers in our area will have to chose between Constantine and Wakefield. Since many will not be able to attend both, both Nationals are likely to suffer. I'm guessing it's to late to change next year, so let's hear what people think for the future.

    What are your thoughts on a "Super Nationals"?
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    You forgot to mention J Division.........i assume they would be part of this concept. Yes it is a wonderful idea and in the expensive world we live in today should be fostered by the leadership at the highest levels of APBA. But seems every cataglory has a 'agenda' to do what serves their interest and not the overall sport sometimes!
    Maybe if the Super Nationals week was divided up equally so say the PRO's ran Monday and Tuesday, J Classes Wednesday and Thursday etc etc so a cataglory would only have to attend for the consecutive days there cataglory is scheduled. Mixing all the classes and cataglories up all week (elims and finals) would force everybody to be there for all 7 days and MANY people are not in favor of that. A SUPER NATIONALS is a great concept but would take some negotiating to say the least!
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      Thanks Matt. Good input.
      I updated to include J.


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        Good to talk about. Definitely consecutive events on one site


        • Heat1Racing
          Heat1Racing commented
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          Would like to see a list of all of the classes that would be run during a Super Nationals event.

        • johnml390
          johnml390 commented
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          Regarding that list of classes asked about by Heat1Racing...

          Junior Outboard Category: (4 classes/6 classes if marathon classes are counted)

          Junior Runabout/Marathon
          Junior Hydro
          AX Runabout/Marathon
          AX Hydro

          Stock Outboard Category: (15 classes/21 classes if marathon classes are counted)

          A Stock Runabout/Marathon
          A Stock Hydro
          15 Super Stock Runabout/Marathon
          15 Super Stock Hydro
          B Stock Runabout/Marathon
          B Stock Hydro
          300 Super Stock Hydro
          20 Super Stock Hydro
          25 Super Stock Runabout/Marathon
          25 Super Stock Hydro
          C Stock Runabout/Marathon
          C Stock Hydro
          45 Super Stock
          D Stock Runabout/Marathon
          D Stock Hydro

          Modified Outboard Category: (15 classes)

          125cc Modified Runabout
          125cc Modified Hydro
          200cc Modified Runabout
          200cc Modified Hydro
          250cc Modified Runabout
          250cc Modified Hydro
          350cc Modified Runabout
          350cc Modified Hydro
          400cc Modified Hydro
          500cc Modified Runabout
          500cc Modified Hydro
          750cc Modified Runabout
          750cc Modified Hydro
          850cc Modified Runabout
          850cc Modified Hydro

          Professional Racing Outboard Category: (20 classes)

          K Pro Hydro
          C Service Runabout
          C Service Hydro
          C Racing Runabout
          C Racing Hydro
          125cc Runabout
          125cc Hydro
          175cc Hydro
          250cc Runabout
          250cc Hydro
          350cc Runabout
          350cc Hydro
          500cc Runabout
          500cc Hydro
          Formula 500
          700cc Runabout
          700cc Hydro
          1100cc Runabout
          1100cc Hydro

          (54 classes total/62 classes if marathon classes are counted)
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        I personally think this "Super Nationals" concept is great. One would think everybody is on the same page when discussing how to make the overall racing better. Costs would be less with the larger numbers and those folks who are crossovers running in two or more divisions can attend. IT COULD BE DONE NEXT YEAR IF YOU REALLY WANTED THIS TO HAPPEN. The word "never" isn't part of my vocabulary and I'm pretty confident we have all the right folks/expertise to make this happen. Would be a positive boost for the racing community. My first Nationals was in 1957 in Worcester, MA where we had 600+ entries for "Stock Only". Would be nice to see these numbers again in one place. Go Get Em.


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          Location, location, location... What site has enough pit area and enough hotels to support such an event? Just curious... Maybe there is a place. Next, could it just be called "The Nationals" ? Every Nationals is super, but there should really just be one Nationals.

          I would plan a year or two (or three?) in advance to attend!


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            Has Wakefield 2019 Nationals date been set? Or is there a typical week you choose? I am doing some long range planning with family in MN.


            • Wakefield 2015
              Wakefield 2015 commented
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              Week of July 21, 2019

            • Racerkyle20
              Racerkyle20 commented
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              Bummer I was hoping early August and do some one stop shopping with Top 0.....I plan on doing both next year. We'll make it work.

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            Wakefield is scheduled to be July 22-26, 2019.
            See you there!


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              Would be too long of a program and to have be there all that time watching and waiting to race. The Mod/ Pro did work, as there is little action in the Pro APBA category. Just too bad the split in the Pro Category. It can be done in 4 days including testing. Add the stocks and J classes and you would need over a week less traveling. Just too many classes. Just my opinion.


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                Great concept but it takes almost all week to run off the combined stock/mod races. Would be difficult to add more within a decent timeframe. Jack


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                  Maybe the "Nationals" could be the top 12 (on time?) from each of the current East/West Nationals. Only two eliminations would set the field for a 12 boat Nationals. The East/West "Regionals, Divisionals, Semi-Finals, etc..." could be races that qualify racers for the actual Nationals and an undisputed National Champion could be determined. Tow money, prize money, pit help and all could be arranged for Nationals so that no racer would feel it necessary to miss competing.


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                    Biggest issue would be test time for the Pro classes. That's something that is an issue now when they combine MOD/Pro ( this year they gave the extra test time...Last year they did not )... Very hard to convince a pro driver to come when he can only test the 1st day and think his motor will run the same way 3-4 days later.
                    sigpicWayne DiGiacomo


                    • Big Don
                      Big Don commented
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                      Maybe instead of a full day of testing we have testing for 60/90 minutes each morning for the classes that run that day?

                    • CSR4C
                      CSR4C commented
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                      At Moses Lake, at the end of the day they gave testing time for the classes than ran the next day

                    • DiGia54D
                      DiGia54D commented
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                      We would be happy with 30 minutes of test time the day that class was raced. Pretty much just need to know if you need to be richer or leaner before the 1st heat.

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                    The best setup that I remember attending was in the 90's at Wakefield when a combined Stock/Mod nationals were run. The stocks ran the first part of the week and the mods ran the second part of the week so that stock only or mod only drivers only had to be there half the week and the drivers that ran both just stayed all week. Most of the crossovers are between mod and stock, so that is really the crossover issue to be concerned with.

                    Bill Rosado


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                      If I can go to a nationals for a week and watch racing every day...I'm in I don't care what engine is on the back of the boat.
                      "Ask anyone, I have no friends. I do have some people that put up with me and mostly because they like the rest of my family"

                      Don Allen


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                      To keep the ball rolling...

                      Dayton had 600+ entries at Nationals (someone please feel free to chime in with actual number) and had 3-400 entries for a weekend race, so I think we can manage through getting all the heats run. How exciting would it be to have to figure out how to race everything because we have SO MANY BOATS? That would be awesome!

                      As far as sites go, there are a few I can think of throughout the country that have plenty of room to accommodate us all. The site we were just at in Springfield OH could easily hold all the boats in every outboard Category we have. I know that's not always the case, but there are plenty of good sites to chose from.
                      Let's keep thinking how we can get the different Categories, or even series, to get together and host a huge Nationals event.


                      • CSR4C
                        CSR4C commented
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                        835 at Dayton 1974 & almost the same in 1975 Stock Classes only. The slowest winning time did not make it to the finals in ASH! We all love the sound of the converted 20H, but after 4 hours on elems. in BSH, that was enough of the noise.

                      • modsquad
                        modsquad commented
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                        1978 Dayton nationals I believe it was around 1000 to 1200 entries, BSH I think I was in elim # 10 out of 13