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Yamato 321 availability announcement

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  • Yamato 321 availability announcement

    The Yamato 321 availability issue has been resolved!

    Ric Montoya of RPM Marine has agreed to assist our Stock Outboard category in obtaining a special order of Yamato 321 engines.

    This effort will be only to assist in our engine supply for our APBA Stock Outboard classes 25SSR, CSR, CSH & 20SSH and for APBA members only.

    Members of other organizations or categories, please call Ric directly for your order.

    This announcement is being made to gauge demand on how many are interested and to create a list of interested members.

    Final cost will be determined once all shipping costs are received. Shipping or pickup from Kent, Ohio will be the responsibility of the engine owner.

    Payment will be required in advance.

    We currently have the Model 321 300SSH sealed engines in stock and they may still be purchased through Tom Johnston at any time.

    Please send a email if interested in being included on the list or if you have any questions to stockoutboard@apba.org

    This list will be maintained with a first come, first served basis.

    Best regards,
    Jeff Brewster
    Stock Outboard Chairman
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    Are you saying that "APBA" Modified 500MH and 500MR drivers are not included in this purchase agreement?



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      Is there a date they have to be ordered by?


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        [QUOTE=Jeff Brewster 59s;n450873]The Yamato 321 availability issue has been resolved!

        Please clarify resolved. Are there quantity restrictions? Additionaly what do we project lead time to be from date of purchase? Thank you.


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          Has the overheating issues been resolved with the 321 ? Allowing it to be used in the classes mentioned above


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            Great news Jeff! Thanks for sharing.

            Thanks Ric!

            - Mike


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              A lot of people put a fair amount of time into this....with Jeff at the helm. Make sure you give him an atta boy next time you see him,,,and I also want to thank Ric Montoya for his help. This is great news.....


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                94H: at this point in time motors are available for stock racers only.


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                  No problem. I've already talked to TJ and the 500 Mod drivers can buy engines from him. We're good!

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                  What is the price on the 321?

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                Originally posted by 53-W View Post
                Is there a date they have to be ordered by?
                repeat my question

                Is there a date they have to be ordered by? Are they legal for 300 hydro?

                BSOA maybe interest in ordering one to keep on the shelf for new local racers when needed.



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                  As stated above, send me an email with your questions. I can get back to you a lot faster.
                  Troy, no order limit, should I put you down for ten?
                  Once a order is put in, there is absolutely no way of guessing when they will arrive.
                  The price has not been established. (it is never known until all shipping bills are received)
                  There is no date to be ordered by. We are just trying to gauge if there is any interest and whether or not it is worth putting together an order.
                  This is a stock list only. Other categories can get on Ric's or Mike's list at anytime.
                  As I stated above, you can order engines for the 300 class any time from TJ.
                  Great idea BSOA!
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                    I believe Yamato Of Europe....Mide Ward is expecting a order of 30 engines in january 2017 (estimated). His website is up to date. In case 10 engines isn't enough for Troy you have a backup plan........)


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                      Originally posted by daveracerdsh View Post
                      94H: at this point in time motors are available for stock racers only.
                      94 H, Bob did T.J. give you a powerhead price ?..... About given up finding a 302 powerhead.
                      100N STEVE FRENCH > Nobody can hang with my STUFF!! >> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tna3B5zqHdk

                      SEEEEEE YAAAAAA!!............In my WAKE!! .............100N>>


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                        TJ didn't quote price.