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Frostproof, AOF Nationals

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  • Frostproof, AOF Nationals

    Frostproof Florida on Labor Day week end. That will be the place to be! AOF thanks Peace River for the kind offer to host our nationals. You have seen this club in action and we all know they will do an excellent job. Paul Hooten will be posting more as the summer progresses. To squelch the rumors: Frostproof is so cooperative that they have declared the lake no wake from nine in the morning to five pm each day.
    And the rumors that it is too hot in Florida in the summer, forget that, this is FROSTPROOF. Just the name cools you off. Probably cooler here on Labor day than in DePue. And talk about the perfect time to bring your family to Florida! Still have the off season rates and shorter lines at Disney World. This will be a great race.
    I can't say enough good things about Peace River. I am also sorry that ODA of NBRA decided to withdraw their bid for a jont AOF nationals. We are moving forward with at least one joint AOF/NBRA race however. Hey, we just gotta race.

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    Joint Nationals

    The ODA was not going to bid on the AOF Nationals. We were going to help out with the running of a Joint NBRA/AOF nationals. Unfortunately it didn't work out.
    Keith Kampen