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AOF Spring Nationals Results Moss Point, MS

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  • AOF Spring Nationals Results Moss Point, MS

    I am finally back on line and am posting the AOF Spring Nationals in Moss Point, MS. What a successful and fun race. Thank you all for coming and thank you Moss Point. The town was behind us all the way. The new AOF sponsor- BP, supplied gas cards to all. AOF (original) is so excited to have BP as a corporate sponsor for the year. With that sponsorship AOF is just going up up up and we hope that you jump on the bandwagon. It was years of hard work to acquire a large corporate sponsor and we couldn't be more pleased for our membership. The sponsorship money is basically paying for our racing for the next few years. How much better can that get for boat racing?
    A big thank you to Bobby Laws who came from Ohio for helping to make this such a great race. And to everyone else, especially to those who had motor problems and could not get out or place for one or more reasons. Also, thank you Jack Stotts. You are always there to help and so important to boat racing.

    Finals Saturday (Racers who placed:
    Ray Hundley, John Mathews and Bill Walker

    AH: Tara Cook, Ronald Delatte, John Mathews, and Bill Kropog

    AMH: Tara Cook, Ray Hundley Ronald Delatte, Bill Kropog, and John Mathews

    EMR: Bobby Laws, J Summral, Mike Kelley

    CMH: Mark Despit, Will Hawkins, John Mathews, Joe John Schultz

    DMH: Ja Summral, Randy Mathews, Will Hawkins

    BR: Bill Kropog, Marcus Nead, Tara Cook

    CSH Mark Daspit, John Mathews, Bill Kropog, Ron Delatte, Ray Hundley

    Sunday: EMR: Bobby Laws, Jeremy Summrall, Mike Kelley
    CMH Ray Hundley, Joe John, Schultz, John Mathews, Bill Kropog
    CSH Johhn Mathews, Bill Kropog, Ron Delatte, Bill Walker.