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Moss Point gets $5000 from BP!

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    A good time!

    Casual, easy goin, city park right in town, bands, spectators who were "very happy to see the boat races back".

    We had EMT's in the rescue boat, Coast Guard, Coast Guard Auxillary, Sherriff's Marine Patrol, (complete with heliocopter) Marine and Wildlife Patrol...

    A City who really wanted us there, and made every attempt to see that we had everything we needed.

    Thanks to the City of Moss Point Mississippi.

    Thanks to BP.

    Thanks to Carl Staron for putting it all together.

    Thanks to Bobby Laws and Jack Stotts for their hard work running a good show.

    All I had to do is show up, I received $300. in tow money, and it cost me $35.00 to race both days....

    From many perspectives, it doesn't get any better than this...
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      Sorry I missed this one, seems like a prime example of what needs to happen today. Go where you are wanted.

      If it is on next year, I will try to make it. Just to many irons in the fire right now with the new boats and all.
      Dave Mason
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        How many boats showed up??
        Mike - One of the Montana Boys

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          Originally posted by blueskyracer View Post
          How many boats showed up??
          Enough to have a really good time, and not so many that the program had to be strict.

          A nice weekend of laid back racing.
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            This past weekend was a lot of fun. A very tight course made for some good close racing. The crowd seemed to enjoy it very much as well. I am working on posting some vids via camcorder and helmet cam from this past weekend. We did not have a huge turnout by any means. But it was certainly enough to put on a good show and to grab a lot of attention for our sport. I can not even begin to think of how many times I directed spectators to this website, and handed out cards with my info on them in order for them to be able to find out more info on this type of racing. We even have some spectators from Moss Point planning on making the trip to Pineville in May to come see the first NBRA race of the season. I think that proves how well we "grabbed" their attention. Haha.

            Hope to go back soon!

            P.S. Thanks to Mr. Mark Daspit for being my camera guy yesterday afternoon!
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              Oh yeah, how could I forget...
              When we we finished, the Bayou Boys faced off with their flat bottom
              aluminum Jon Boats, powered by highly modified 40's... 1/4 mile drags!

              How about 80+ MPH in the 1/4 mile tiller steering! Awesome.

              Grass roots boat racing is alive and well back in the Bayous, and far from any sanctioning organizations...

              These guys are rocket ships

              We just need to convince them to turn left.


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                my first race back after 20 years...the rust showed, but I had a blast!!! the town really got behind this one... Met some new friends had a lot of laughs and CANNOT wait until Pineville....