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Junior Classes Rule Correction

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  • Junior Classes Rule Correction

    Hi- per J Chairman Buddy Tennell-
    The Junior Classes Committee made a change to Safety Rule 3.1 that was intended to only include JH and JR. Committee members who were at that part of the meeting agree that there was no intent to include the AXS classes. The rule needs to be worded as follows and the change needs to be effective immediately.
    Safety Rule 3
    1. Junior classes have limitations on where the engine’s propshaft may be mounted. The distance between the center of the propshaft at its aft end, and the planning surface, must be no less than 1 3/4” for Junior Hydro and Junior Runabout; and 1 3/8” for AXS Hydro and AXS Runabout. The planing surface shall be flat (with a tolerance of 1/16 inch for inspection purposes) transversely between the air traps and forward for 18”.