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Chief Referee's Version of Red Card in ASR

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    Good Job Ed

    Good Job Ed!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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      Originally posted by 14-H View Post

      At Driver's Meeting, the following was announced nearly verbatim :

      "For Winternationals Classes, ALL boats must report to inspection after the first heat. For the second heat, if you are in the top three (3) positions, you MUST report to inspection. If you THINK you are not in the top three (3) but you are mistaken and IN FACT ARE in the top three (3) you MUST report to inspection. A failure to report to inspection will result in an automatic disqualification."

      4-J finished in overall third-place in the ASR Winternationals Race.

      Ed Hearn, Chief Referee, 2009 SO & MOD Winternationals.

      Said Driver was racing a probationary engine.

      Probationary engines receive 0 points.

      How many point did 4-J receive for Heat 1?

      How many points did 4-J receive for Heat 2?

      Now, I'm no math whiz, but isn't 0+0....... 0?

      And, how could said driver placed in the top three with ZERO points?

      And, according to what was said at drivers meeting, they only needed the top three places at inspection after the second heat.

      I've been scoring for about 10 years, and I can't recall when someone with Zero points was in the top three finishers.

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        Stacy, While Wormy recieved zero points nationally, he was still eligible to place and receive awards for the race. Had he reported, he would have taken home the 3rd place trophy, but not national points.
        Ryan Runne
        Wacusee Speedboats

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          I didn't realize that either Ryan (that Worm would still get the trophy with no points)
          ED I do not envy you for the position you were in! and I feel you did what you felt you had to do and I commend you for sticking to the rules, knowing ahead of time what the backlash would be for doing so.

          IF we only apply rules based on WHO it is. That is worse than no rules at all!
          Even though I have just begun to get to know the Runne's. I left Pineville with a lot of respect for ALL of them.

          It seems this situation as been completely explained so that even I can understand what happened and WHY it happened.
          So maybe we should quit beating a dead horse LOL

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            Wow! New, first year motor and a top three finish at a Winter Nationals? Red card or not, if I were light enough for ASH or ASR I would have the Sidewinder order line on my speed dial and credit card out.


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              Still a bit funny to me.


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                I don't write here often but feel I must now. Well done ED. I feel myself and many others have learned several things from thjis thread....Never to old to still learn.Thanks,
                Bill Giles
                racer giles