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2016 DePue Reunion

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    When John asked me if I would help put on the next event after the reunion in 2012 was over I quickly agreed with the stipulation that John stay on board as I felt it still needed a name attached to it that boat racers were familiar with. After all I never raced a boat , although I had the money in hand once and let the left brain - right brain thing discourage me , and most didnt know me til I did the trivia contest in 2012. The first two reunions were great successes and I hope this years event lived up to those. I hope it did and I thank John for his advice and support.

    Alan , I thank you for your kind words and encouragement !!

    We want to thank all who attended and hope you had a good time. I am always open to comments and criticism in order to make future gatherings better than the one before so feel free to let me hear your thoughts.

    I need to thank Mike Krier and Mike Schmidt who built and donated the two boats for the raffle and to Bill Seebold , Bruce Summers , Ralph DeSilva , Bernie Van Osdale and Steve Wilson who donated the silent auction items. Nobody profits from the reunions and all profits realized are donated to the "Save Lake DePue Fund " and it appears that they will be getting a donation again this year. Thanks to all who participated and congrats to the winners.

    To Karen Cadle , George Taylor , the Juby's , Mark Suter , Bruce Summers and Dick and Mike Austin who brought their vintage equipment and\or inside displays for all of us to enjoy. It was good to wake up the echos on Lake DePue as Goerge and Dick ran their equipment on Friday. I have pictures to post as soon as I get through going over them.

    Special thanks to Ray Rodda for being our speaker for the night. Great job as always Ray !!!!!!

    If I have forgotten anybody I do apologize.

    Finally I saw Bill Seebold and Paul Bogosian before they left on Saturday afternoon and had a quick conversation. Bill told me that 4 years is even to long to wait for the next gathering and every three years might be a better time table. They said as long as they are able they will come back for every one. So I am here to announce that you need to mark the calendar for Friday July 26th 2019 for the next DePue Boat Racer Reunion party. I hope to make it bigger and better than ever.

    Thank you to those that attended and to those of you that registered but were unable to make the trip your care package will be in the mail soon.

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