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2020 in Region 5

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  • 2020 in Region 5

    We are looking at race dates for next spring and would like some feedback.

    Once again we have the chance to hold 2 events, Lakeland and Jesup. After looking at the calendar it is showing Easter Sunday on April 12 so the question is:

    What is the consensus of having 2 events back to back?

    Lakeland (with a record course) on March 28 & 29 then

    Jesup (Eastern Championship / WinterNationals) on April 3,4, & 5th

    SO / MO / J will run at both locations, select PRO may run in Jesup but not Lakeland per the sponsor's request.
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    Howie, I don't have anything to run at Lakeland, only at Jesup, but back-to-back weekends makes good sense. Sort of like the old Grapefruit Circuit re-visited.


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      Sounds like a winner! Thanks for all that sweat equity!


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        Doing Lakeland the weekend before Jesup should snag a few more Outboard entries..........would your Lakeland event be a stand alone Outboard Race or held in conjunction with the big early spring Inboard Race?


        • Howie Nichols
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          It would be a stand alone Outboard event. The Inboard race will be the first weekend of March.

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        Sounds like a plan, a good one too!!


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          Great idea!
          We'll have to see where everyone is at with school, but Mikey and Cole are already talking about coming to both. We'll see if we can get a few more from IL to join us.
          Thanks for working on this!
          - Mike
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            Would Lakeland be on the record course?
            Johnny Wlodarski III


            • Howie Nichols
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              Yes Johnny that is the plan.

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            Team Scoop is in for both


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