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  • Berwick Race

    The Berwick Area Boat Club wants to thank everyone that raced, officiated, volunteered or spectated. Too many names to list. Record number of boats. Pits were packed. Shotwell is already talking about bigger & better things for next year.
    Best family I could have!
    Thank you all.
    Mark 55P
    Team Tower
    Hydroplane Division

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    I've heard a lot of good things about this race. We'll try to make it next year.


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      Cool. It's a a unique course. This year hair pin turns, last year wide, but 15 knot flow. Have to really think about the turns. More off track festivities next year. The trophies were awesome. Had a local kayak race start things off. Free Regatta banquet (that will be better next year).
      Mark 55P
      Team Tower
      Hydroplane Division


      • johnsonm50
        johnsonm50 commented
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        1 pin turns make you feel like a kid 'hot dogging' the turns with some excessive throttle

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      mark, had a great time. looking forward to next year.

      ​frank Novotny


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        Thank You all for the hard work put into this race. I had a great time and will be looking forward to next year .


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          One Driver’s Top Seven

          -Maine, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Hampshire, New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Virginia, Ohio...…
          There were even boats from PENNSYLVANIA!

          -Racing the Narrows!
          One Again, it was a unique experience spurred on by nothing but CAN DO and MOXIE.

          -Self Baptismal!
          13N Flatturns Runabout to First Ever Win, then Rolls Up to Earn Saddle Notch.

          -School Grad Removes Stripes!
          RAM 4x4 Fights For Front In both Stock & Mod Hydro.

          -Deck to Deck Action!
          Hydro Kneeler Blows out Candles in First Turn (Happy 81st ).

          -Bobby B. Runs Wild In C-Hydro!
          THEN he won a Kayak! (no really).

          -THE LAUNCH BEYOND THE BEACH, could not be done alone.
          Helping Hands Flying; “Strangers” Fetching Gas, Pulling Ropes, and Guiding Over the Reef….all as a celebrity flagger watched on (!). IT WAS INCREDIBLE.

          -special thanks to Annette We., Carole, Annette Wo., CptJim, Steve, Billy, Mark, Bobby, Dave, Mister Runne… and a few dozen more.

          -Salute sent to Lt. Commander William Walker, who’s trip to Test Track was aborted when vehicle burst into flames…Man & Dog escaping with the Dream of Next Year.
          Like they say in the Borough….If You Haven‘t Raced Berwick, You Haven‘t Raced.

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          • TPLACE31
            TPLACE31 commented
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            Tim, You nailed this top seven.

          • Jeff Brewster 59s
            Jeff Brewster 59s commented
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            Jeez, and he forgot O-H-I-O! How could he forget Ohio, the home of the Buckeyes!

            My favorite memory was spending time with Hank Runne and Jack Deck. They don't come any cooler than those two cats! Ok,,Steve Noury is getting pretty close!

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          best race of the weekend, and one for the ages....Dave Woodle Jr. and Johnnie in axr on Saturday. There had to be 10+ changes for the leed


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            A big thanks to the Berwick Area Boat Club. The officials did a fantastic job of keeping the schedule flowing given the circumstances, the narrow ramp, and having to make on the spot changes to things. The back-to-back heats was a great idea that made it all much smoother. Looking forward to being there again next year!
            Dane Lance


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              Can't wait till next years race.Captain Jim,Mark,Bobby,Billy,John,Annett,Carol,and many others,fantastic job.With very little water to run in,they still made it happen.We even gained a new crew member,Chloe's Mom is now hooked,she did a very good job as a rookie crew member and is excited to be at our next race.


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                Great to see such a good turnout! Would like to thank all those that set up a safe course for us to race on. Saw some great racing in the turns. Can't wait to see what we get next year.


                • Ram4x4
                  Ram4x4 commented
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                  In your case Tim, hopefully less spectating from the outside of turn 2 and less broken engine parts!

                • Tsquared
                  Tsquared commented
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                  With some help I got it running again. Congrats on the win guess hairpin turns are your thing. That was some great racing!

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                Time to take a few & thank all who work to put this race on & then go & do it when the time comes. The Berwick race has had it's trials but has turned out to be a good race, [it certainly has been kind to me]. Thanks Mark, Jim, Steve, Bill [wish you could have been there] & everyone who was involved.
                Team Tower


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                  In Regard to comment, "Jeez, and he forgot O-H-I-O! How could he forget Ohio, the home of the Buckeyes!"

                  There was no forget about it!
                  In fact, Honey Badger made Top-13 for Head Swiveling Demo in Turn 1.

                  BUT.Family Amazed, complete with two weeks laundry hanging over multiple EZ Ups, a 300ss T-Shirt Promo Booth, countless visiteurs, and an Allegheny Still took up so much real state that a building permit had to be issued. This is not to mention what appeared to be a small goat on a leash.

                  Acknowledgement delayed until western-most squatters settled up zoning violations (107S, from polite side of town, not included in pending lawsuit).

                  At this time, can confirm...Ohio Did Represent!


                  • PropNut
                    PropNut commented
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                    Tim, your on a roll!

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                  Our first time there. Good weekend. Happy with the results. Looking for more water next year. And, fewer leaks for Quin's hydro.
                  Thanks to all that made it possible, including Steve N. -LarryR