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Berwick, PA Race Results

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  • Berwick, PA Race Results

    Great weather, but.....a little short on water in the River made for a challenging event, especially for those making their river course debuts. Not to be defeated, Risk Manager Billy Simmons laid out a race course that would provide the record number of entries the opportunity to test their abilities. The one buoy turns were exciting for the spectators and the drivers adapted as only two incident reports were required from the record 136 entries.

    Saturday Results:

    J Hydro - Nick Wheeler 55E, Ethan Ahearn 7E, Davis Woodle 43B
    J Runabout - Eli Campbell 42A, David Woodle 43B, Nick Wheeler 1412J
    AXH - Eli Campbell 42A, Chloe Sees 22P, David Woodle 43-B
    AXR - Jon Cron 412J, Eli Campbell 42A, David Woodle 43B
    ASH - All Dq'd - Gun jumps
    ASR - Billy Simmons 1J, Chip Fuller 7J, Bruce Nichols 20B
    CSH- AJ Jennings 4P, Jeff Sherwin 229A, Ed Lance 700P
    CSR - Bill Forster 96D, Dan Shaver 13N, Tim Noury 33A
    20SSH - Jeff Sherwin 229A, Dave Breisacher 26P, Devon Adams 4E
    25SSR - Dan Shaver 13N, Jack Cavanaugh 24A, Tim Noury 33A
    300SSH - Jeff Brewster 59S, Jeff Sherwin 229A, Jack Cavanaugh 24A
    350ccMH - John Mauck 8E, Frank Novotny 52E, Mike Thierfelder 41P
    500ccMH - Mike Stapleton 28J, AJ Jennings 4P, Ed Lance 700P

    Sunday Results:

    J Hydro - David Woodle 43B, Eli Campbell 42A, Austin Brewster 13S
    J Runabout - David Woodle 43B, Eli Campbell 42A, Nick Wheeler 1412J
    AXH - David Woodle 43B, Eli Campbell 42A, Chloe Sees 22P
    AXR - Did not run
    ASR - Billy Simmons 1J, Bruce Nichols 20B, Jon Cron 412J
    ASH - Erin Woodle 44B, Devon Adams 4E, Chloe Sees 22P
    CSH - Ed Lance 700P, Jeff Sherwin 229A, Darren Ahern 10E
    (Lance wins on time - 19/100ths of a second!) Both heats photo finish.
    CSR - Did not run
    20SSH - Jeff Sherwin 229A, Bobby Brown 80P, Chloe Sees 22P
    25SSR - Jack Cavanaugh 24A, Tim Noury 33A, Dan Shaver 13N
    300SSH - Jeff Sherwin 229A, Christine Brewster 59S, Jack Deck 700S
    350ccMH - John Mauck 8E, Mike theirfelder 41P, Frank Novotny 52E
    500ccMH - Mike Stapleton 28J, Ed Lance 700P, Frank Novotny 52E
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    Awesome job Dane Lance! First win, and in CSH on time! Way to go Driver School grad.
    Elek Hutchinson


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      Thanks Elek! I'm pretty stoked for sure. C and 500mod on Saturday were with my go fast rookie stripes on. Won my C elim, but got 4th in the final. (Jeff Sherwin got 4th in his elim, but won the final and edged me on time, so he got 2nd overall and I got 3rd). I even managed a 3rd in 500. That would have made my weekend right there, but Sunday morning, the tape came off the helmet!

      Took 2nd in each 500 heat, won 1st heat in C (down to last lap and last turn when I managed to cut inside Jeff) and got 2nd in heat 2. Heat 2 had to be the looniest start ever. Sam Buckholz suckered me on the run to the line (as he said he would) and he jumped big time. I was up on my knees about to fall off plane right at the line, but managed not to jump. Jeff almost got suckered, but had a better start and zinged past. He had me by 5-6 boat lengths, but I was gaining on him hard. Came down to the last lap, last turn, but he got me by half a boat length at the line. I just edged him on time overall..

      Had to be the tape on my helmet Saturday, caused too much drag ;-P

      I am a graduate of two rookie schools, TRORA and MHRA. Hopefully the best parts of both rubbed off on me :-)

      See you guys at Grass Lake!

      p.s. Mister Brewster, yes, my head did fit in the car, but the wife said something about having to tie me to the bed post to keep me from floating away :-)
      Dane Lance


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        You're doing real good Dane, 28-J Indeed the schooling has set you up.
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      Congratulations Ed you deserved the win.


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        Here are two video's of the action discussed above.

        Dane's first heat win...


        Dane's cooling off....


        The Lance family, another fantastic addition to our racing family...
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