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2019 DePue Reunion

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    The plans are changing for the reunion this year. Due to the low number of people registering we will be doing something a little different. For those of you that have registered, I will be in contact with you via email to let you know what the options are and for everyone else we will post the information here as soon as possible.

    I had put this video together to show at the dinner and just thought I would share it with you. It is the reason we continue to do these reunions because, well, you just never know when the last goodbye will come.

    Click on the link below to watch the video.



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      As of today, June 23nd, we only have 29 people who have registered for this year's event. After careful consideration and number crunching, we can not move forward with the reunion as currently constructed. However, John and I feel strongly that there is enough interest to move forward with some type of reunion event.

      We will not be doing the formal evening dinner as we have done in the past. As we stated earlier, we are not able to use the entire VFW building in DePue, but we found out that we are allowed to use the front bar area as the EPA is not using that part of the building. This area will be used as our reunion headquarters all day on Friday and Saturday. You will be able to come and go as you please. Inside the VFW will be pictures, videos, and other racing memorabilia. There will be drinks available along with light snacks. At the end of racing on Friday, we will be having pizza delivered and guests will be allowed to stay as long as you like.

      We understand that this is quite a departure from the original format, but we hope that you will be satisfied with our new plan. Those that are already registered have the following two options: 1) still be part of the festivities and all the above will be covered by your registration fee as well as your reunion shirt orders, with no additional cost to you. or 2) choose not to come and have your check returned to you.

      For the people who have not registered, there is still time to do so. Just fill out the registration form and mail it in. We will accept them up to July 2nd or there is going to be a cover charge of $10 that day, to cover drinks and food, to get inside the VFW and be part of the reunion. We will be ordering extra shirts and they will be available in case someone would like to purchase them that day. Shirley Summers has made a quilt from racing t-shirts and we will be raffling that off, Bruce will be bringing his hydro and 6 cylinder motor to display as well, and also have a 50\50 drawing.

      John and I hope you still will come to DePue and be part of this year's event. As we all know, life is short and you never know when or if you will see your racing friends again. Even in a scaled down form, this reunion is meant to bring us all together and give us the chance to reminisce and enjoy the company of life long friends. We really hope you will join us and be part of the 2019 DePue reunion.

      John Schubert and Dale Hoffert
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        Here are a couple of pictures of the quilt that Shirley Summers has made and we will be raffling it off at the reunion.


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          If you are coming to the Racer Reunion in DePue on Friday night at the VFW we will have a limited numberof these commemorative20oz RTICtravel tumblers. First come first serve $20


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            I'd like to thank everyone who attended this year's reunion and being flexible as our plans changed. Although our numbers were few the laughs were many.

            A few takeaways from Friday night, 1) with all the Quincy guys in the house it was like being back at 5th and State, thanks for sharing some of the stories. The one thing most agreed on was if something was to be welded Gene East was the man 2) I was glad Pete and Sandy Nydahl enjoyed the 12 pack of Hamm's beer I bought for the occasion, they said it was Ray's favorite. 3) when Bruce Summers gets hungry the food best be there, LOL and 4) old boat racing stories are the best.

            So a couple of awards to give out, well you don't get anything but nonetheless, 1) the Longevity Award has to go to the table with Bruce & Shirley Summers and Ralph & Shirley Donald as they started the day early and stayed to the very end and just about drank us out of wine. and 2) the Funniest Award had to go to the table with Craig Lawrence, Denny Henderson, Hox Compton, Mike Schmidt, and Skip Birbarie, I could have stayed there all night and listened to the stories. One thing I learned is the innocent Alan Ishi, perhaps not so innocent?? LOL

            Special thanks yous' to
            1-Shirley Summers for donating the quilt that was raffled off.

            2- Craig Lawerence for letting us take a spin in the 88 and being humbled if we thought we could drive.

            3- John Winzler for your support and words of wisdom

            4- My wife Becki for helping in many ways and putting up with me the last few weeks before the reunion as the plans changed and daughter Lindsey for again helping that night.

            5- And to John Schubert for allowing me to take his ball and run with it. Hopefully, someday, I can match what you did in 2007, still, the standard to judge all others by.

            So this ends the 2019 DePue Reunion. As always, if you have any suggestions as to how to make this a better event don't hesitate to send me an email. 1daledog1@gmail.com. And I look forward to seeing you at the next DePue Reunion in 202???????

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