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  • The thickest portion of the 'airfoil' on my Hemp hydro is adjacent to the steering wheel, thus the lowest pressure of the airfoil. Sam Hemp designed this with that in mind and his fences are highest there. I'm glad....plenty of lift in my boat. As to longitudinal stability, I think it is affected most...
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  • I got 99% of my non-math aerodynamics flying early swept wing jets like the F-9 Cougar (which had a fence to stop spanwise flow because that's how engineers at the time thought to fix it) the Russians did the same with MiG 15's, 17's, and 19's. The F-4's, A-7's, and F-16's I flew for the next 30 years...
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  • Assume you are talking about the fences on the deck between the front deck and the sponson deck? If so they are there to act like a stall fence on the wing of a swept wing jet. They attempt to stop the relatively high pressure under the hull from spilling up and interfering with the lower pressure over...
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