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  • Visitor message from ryan_4z

    ryan_4z posted a Visitor Message for 94H
    Hey Bob,

    Yes, in Syracuse now. I would love to come to an IOA race some time. Unfortunately, your club is the anomaly not the norm. I am concerned about membership in all the outboard categories. Our success is linked. We need each other because we each have unique offerings to the racing world. Most anywhere outside the mid-west Mod and Stock race together and have for many years now. I think all the categories, by working together, can consolidate classes to make for a shorter race day and fuller classes. At the very least I think that we need to raise the standard for national points so that clubs can combine 3-4 boat classes without messing with points races.

    I really do hope to make it to an IOA race, I hear they are great. Tough to make it out on a weekend when we are racing all the time too, but I think Huntington is only like an hour, so maybe.


  • 94H
    Great that you're in Syracuse / Wawasee - is one of my favorite places. Come down to Indy sometime.

    Quick thoughts
    Trust me I'm 100% behind growth of our sport but some of the comments on HR have me concerned.

    Eliminating or combining existing classes in the near future will hurt the finances of local clubs. The simple solution to the long day is to leave the class structures alone and let the local race committee decide to combine or not. In the IOA we usually have five to eight 350MH and we run three or four 400MH. To combining these classes will piss off the 400 drivers and the IOA will lose about $240 of entry fees that weekend. Besides that there are different Mod rules for a 400 engine that runs in the 350MH.

    The current way APBA is structured makes the local clubs take all of the risk of running a race. Local clubs prepay insurance and sanction fees and will absorb most of the ambulance fee for the drivers school ( is usually more the $200 discount). If nobody shows the clubs lose money - usually not APBA.

    The long term solution is to support engines from Sidewinder and Yamato in both stock and mod divisions. Start bringing new engines into Stock / MOD (per the Mod prototype requirement) and build them into quick growth classes. This will allow the categories to either build parity or slowly decide to eliminate engines without the financial burden on the club. BTW - where is the 15 and 20 sidewinder with an expansion chamber?

    Also - Do not combine the three APBA outboard categories or you will see serious fall out - maybe me.

    Let me know what stock runabout classes you want to run at Huntington and we'll put on the schedule. We run Mod, stock, pro and SLT at Huntington and yes it's a long day but financially rewarding. I usually have over 100+ spectators attend each day.

    Bob Koschka - ( Race Director for 32 years at Huntington)
    Office - 317-283-6766
    Cell - 317-459-4132
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