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  • Visitor message from foot_doctor

    foot_doctor posted a Visitor Message for Cottage Racer
    David, It is my belief that it is a MK30H case that was assembled with 25SS parts. Those specific priority parts would have been: 25SS drive shaft, ball bearing, and 25SS pilot assembly. In addition, the mounting studs were different. The Mk20H units had the studs mounted approx. 1 inch deeper into the housings. All other components could be shared by MK20H, MK30H and 25SS units. The technical fee for any case that leaves here completed is $165.00. Hope that helps. R.T.

  • Cottage Racer
    Ron, Are you interested in trading my gear case towards your technical fee for work on other gear foot assembly, if so what would it be worth to you.
    Thank again for your help David
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