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Mrs blueskyracer
Mrs blueskyracer
Joined: 07-27-2008
Location: Thompson Falls, Montana

  • Visitor message from bill hoctor

    bill hoctor
    bill hoctor posted a Visitor Message for Mrs blueskyracer
    Teresa: On "silly season" Under 'grandparacer" around post # 172 - 175, Somebody pulled my comment . Wounder who or why ?

  • Mrs blueskyracer
    Bill, I have looked and first of all the posts do not go up the 172-175. I have checked the entire thread and there is no post from you that has been deleted. Perhaps you didn't actually finish the post? Only the person who made the post can delete it other than me and it wasn't me. When I view the thread as administrator I can see all posts including the deleted ones and I checked all 6 pages and nothing.
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