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  • Friction Reduction Coatings

    Winter repair time again and I'm curious if anyone has had good results from using a friction reduction coating on the bottom of your hydroplane? I'm considering using a product like this on the bottom of the sponsons/skid fin/planing surface but I'm not sure if the work load + costs would outweigh the benefits?. Does anyone know of any products like this that can be applied relatively simply over cured epoxy that has shown good results??

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    Start out with making sure that the bottom is flat.... at least the last 3 feet. Then the friction reducing coating sure will not hurt.

    What type of coating are you thinking about? What is the cost?

    Dean F. Hobart


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      I agree with Dean flat bottom fore and aft and left and right for about last 3 ft and I sand the rear bottom and sponson bottoms. When I raced I found gloss finish was not as fast around the race course as sanded. It's how fast around the race course that matters if you get a good start ;-) I used flat black spray and hit it with 400 grit wet fore and aft only.

      Today this spray works very well for that, great product. Also their gloss is a great paint I use it on the black Merc powerheads and lowers and other. To prep just sand the epoxy and wipe clean and remove all residue, I use lacquer thinner for that:

      I would forgo the friction coatings. Spend the $$ on props.
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