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cut resistant socks?

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    Re: cut resistant socks?

    There are several options on eBay, search cut resistant socks. One even has toes.
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      Re: cut resistant socks?

      The cut sleeves from Grainger are made as arm protectors for meat cutters etc. I simply sewed up one end of them and made tube socks. Mine were bright yellow. Jack
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      • dil/viller
        dil/viller commented
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        so, what special tool [ can't be scissors ] did you use to cut / sew these. any one else getting my point?

      • maverick
        maverick commented
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        So I purchased a package of two sets of Kevlar sleeves and sewed one end up to make tube socks as you mentioned. It worked very well and the price was around $20 for the two sets. Its best to order the 24'' length and prior to sewing flip them inside out. Once sewed, flip them back. If you have very large calves the sleeves may not work as well.
        P.S. Previously ordered the Tough and Lite from Security Race Products on the December special pricing. Ordered small, but they were to big for the wife so the abouve "sleeves" worked better.

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      Re: cut resistant socks?


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        Re: cut resistant socks?

        The socks I made from cut sleeves were of Kevlar
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          Re: cut resistant socks?

          Here is what the Memphis Kevlar butchers sleeves look like. It would be easy to sew the end and make a sock.


          • GrandpaRacer
            GrandpaRacer commented
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            Memphis also makes these in Dyneema, slightly more expensive.

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          Re: cut resistant socks?


          Tonight (3/5/19), the APBA BOD voted to delay the date of the new cut gear discipline rule (safety rule 3.D which is using the yellow card system for non compliance for all safety gear) to Nov. 1, 2019. The cut gear safety rule for footwear is still on the books (safety rule 3.C), but with no rule for discipline. Essentially this is pushing the entire rule back a year. If you show up to a race without cut resistant footwear this season (2019) you will not be given a yellow card for non compliance.

          This was done because of the lack of supply for cut socks, which was a surprise after the new rule took place. APBA is looking on getting a supplier for the cut resistant footwear for the 2020 season.

          Also, since on the topic of safety gear, the APBA BOD clarified that SNELL 2005 helmets have expired as of 12/31/18. This was already in the rule book, but some were unsure of the exact rule and date. Safety rule 3.A will be updated for SNELL 2010 or newer helmets as meeting the safety qualifications for the 2019 season.


          Kyle Bahl
          APBA Board of Directors
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          Kyle Bahl

          "He didn't bump you, he didn't nudge you, he rubbed you, and rubbin' son is racin'!"


          • TAndersonV11
            TAndersonV11 commented
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            When will the SNELL 2010 rating expire? Is APBA going to the 10-Year motorsport standard or 15-year? Not expiring on the Snell 5-year schedule is very frustrating. They are 1 year premature to make a change like this. APBA is outlawing these at a terrible time, illogically, and still no firm implementation of the logical 10 or 15 year schedule.

            Basically, a lot of people are going to be pissed if their 2010 that they have just bought goes out of date in 1-2 years too.

            Please pick a path, name dates, make it clear.

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          Re: cut resistant socks?

          Shouldn't a decision this important be big headline news on the APBA website???