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Boat Sport Magazine, September 1968 issue

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  • Boat Sport Magazine, September 1968 issue

    I found a bunch of old boat racing magazine's from 1956, I am offering it for sale at $10.00 free shipping. This was the greatest magazine on both outboard and inboard racing. It has great articles and great advertising along with technical advice, This one has a picture of Hunter Grimes in a CU with a 30H.
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    • Heat1Racing
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      Anybody from Region 10 that can ID any of the drivers on the cover? Would be fun to know who they were and what happened to them over the years ...

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    Johnny Wlodarski III


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      There were no Boat Sport magazines published in 1968. In fact Boat Sport magazine closed shop around '58 or sooner as I recall. I'm not aware of any Boat Sport Magazines published in the sixties at all. I'd loved to be proved wrong. But I'm betting I'm right.


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        The edition that is shown in Bob's post is March of 1956.


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          I know the last issue was in 1958, I know this because I bought that addition new and could not find any more available after that. I have no idea how 1968 got there. I tried to edit but will not allow me to alter the title, go figure. Anyway I have about 6 of them available.....Bob


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            The picture of the boats lined up at the dock in Region 10 was for the Sammamish Slough Race... I can not identify any of those drivers.

            The web site Boat has all of the Boat Sport issues. And also the other magazine called Speed and Spray.

            It’ís really cool to read about racing back then.

            Dean F. Hobart


            • Graham
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              What's really cool Dean is to have raced during that time frame like yours truly did. Wouldn't trade that experience for anything. I knew or knew of most of those racer folks back then from 1957 forward.

              Sincerely, Don Graham