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  • What to do, what to do.....

    The good news is I am still cancer free. The bad news is my Doctors still have not found what is causing the pain I have been having since roughly March. It doesn't look very promising that I will have a season at all. I am on the fence, should I keep the boat and motor or turn it over to someone who can use them. So many people have helped me get to this point, I don't want to give up on this. But I also know it is selfish to lock the boat and motor away in my trailer when these same awesome folks could be helping some other new guy or gal realize their dream. I am just fooling myself that I will physically be able to survive an entire weekend. At best I am looking at next season and even then may not be able to kneel or bend very much. I'm really torn (no pun intended) I want so bad to get on the water but I don't want to do it at the expense of getting a new driver on the water......your thoughts...

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    If you don't think you'll race this season I say hang on to everything and give it a try next season. There is a spring and fall Millville race. With kneeling, you could try kneepads in addition to a cushiony kneeling pad. This is a great group of people and when you're ready, we will be around to help get you on the water.

    Just my 2 cents. Give it another go when you feel ready.


    • David German
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      I know the feeling. For the last two years I've been dealing with illnesses and injuries. I've been lucky enough to get out a few times, I've also been able to let a few people use my equipment so they could try some different classes. Keep your gear, loan it out to see how it runs. Next season give it a try.

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    Hang onto your gear. Put it up for now and get well and then come out swinging when you are well. The racing community will get by until you make your comeback. Besides that, having the rig ready and waiting there is an incentive to get well. Jack


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      Dave, hope to meet you. Thanks for sharing this. I think the love I hear from boatrace family is heartfelt. Sometimes the hope of racing that gear in trailer is part of your joy and drive. It may be worth keeping that hope and joy of all this for yourself. But you share and love racing. Your passion and tenacity will also bring new drivers. Thanks Dave


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        Try to find someone else that would like to try racing and have him drive for you and you can learn together and you can get the enjoyment of the racing experience without needing to be physically able to drive.


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          I will look at this season as mine to get this health crap straightened out. I'll come out healthier and better prepared in 2020......I would really like to get a lap in this year, hopefully I can get it done to give me the excitement to hang on till 2020. Thanks so much for the encouragement.....what a great group of people to be associated with.......


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            dave, get back on the horse at fall millville. lots of help and nice course. that way you can end the season on a plus note at the site that things went south in the spring. during tax season if i want to unwind i go out to my trailer and sit on my stool and smell all smells in there.

            frank novotny


            • Dave Cofone
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              Frank, I know what you mean. I love going out to my trailer and messing with the setup to make it the way I want it. I like working on the boat, I want to paint it. I'm always out there doing something, it's very enjoyable........