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Flying Point perspective/recap (unsolicited)

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  • Flying Point perspective/recap (unsolicited)

    I decided to post this in the rookie lounge
    Mainly because I am the consumate rookie; i.e. I never raced a boat before
    Truth be told I STILL haven't-
    We got blown out both days at flying point
    It was so windy the birds were flying BACKWARDS
    Will I go back to Flying Point?
    Honestly, in about one nanosecond!!! I CANNOT WAIT FOR F. P. 2018

    I had no less than a half doz. long-term, veteran racers that could not do enough for me helping me get my boat ready Saturday
    Some of them skipped the driver's meeting to:
    1. Wire the kill switch
    2. Hook up the throttle (after they trimmed the cable housing and wire until it was PERFECT)
    3. Set the height
    4. Set the tuck
    5. mess with the steering cables until they were- well you know- see #2
    6. Tighten this, check that
    7. Mess with the turn fin
    8. On and on

    They loaned me:
    A tiny bungee to hold the spray shield on when the wing nuts loosen up (THEY DID)
    Several lifetimes worth of every trick in the book/advice/ hints
    Started my motor while they held the boat against the breeze
    (Half hour before the scheduled start (noon) they let the squids (me) & the J's go out & rip around a little- it was the only seat time I got

    What a fantastic weekend I had-
    May I just say THANK YOU TO:

    Matt Dagostino (sp?) Absolutely no doubt as generous a man as I have ever met. If I had ask him for the moon, he would have handed it to me. Same with: Dave Augustine. Loaned me props, Loaned me shims. Loaned me washers. And much like Matt, just the nicest, easiest to get to know guy EVER. The equipment in his trailer was mind-boggling- incl a 125cc single (VRP?) that only revved to infinity (actually 12 or 15 thou I think he said) Sunday I tried to give dave his prop back. He said "run it awhile. Give it to me at Franklin". I tried to give him his shims back. He said "They are YOUR shims now". Unbelievable. John Mauck and his friend George (did not get George's last name) but he only spent about an hour laying on the parking lot making sure my height and tuck were exactly as Mr. Runne specified
    Adam Allen and Dave Biesecker for just being so FRIENDLY and welcoming- along with everyone else for that matter
    Adam got my name wrong at the driver's meeting and called me "squirrelbox (instead of "squirrelboy") In honor of this little screw-up I named my trailer the "SQUIRRELBOX" Thank you Adam

    Sorry this got so long but I had the time of my life & never even got to RACE
    Flying Point is a PERFECT race site and Flying Point Marina right next door has a little store/deli with the world's best Shrimp salad (tell them you want celery seeds on it) they also sell beer (sorry) since we were not racing I had two

    MANY MANY THANKS to all who were involved putting this event on- I will never forget this first race. God Bless you all
    See you at Standish
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    Re: Flying Point perspective/recap (unsolicited)

    that is what boat racers do. it is a different group of people than other sports. i pit next to john mauck and we always save a pit spot next to each other at the races, whoever gets there first saves the space next to to them. john and i race in the same class, 350mod hydro. it was a shame we didn't get to race this weekend but there are other races. i'll be back in 2018 for flying point!

    frank novotny


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      Re: Flying Point perspective/recap (unsolicited)

      This type of great help goes way back they want you to get water time and run well and get up there with the leaders. I experienced the same type help when I started in '73. I had a great group that offered help: Harry Pinner, Marshall Eldridge Jr., John Schutzenhoffer(sp), Dave Rawson, Mark and Ed Hauptner (OPC guys & Mark was my neighbor) and others I wish I could recall. Thank you all
      "Keep Move'n" life is catching up!


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        Re: Flying Point perspective/recap (unsolicited)

        for all of you who were there and experienced the wind.... it's still windy today and will not be under 10mph until the end of the week


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          I found the same great people in Indiana last year during my 1st race, only the names were different . I love this sport.

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        Re: Flying Point perspective/recap (unsolicited)

        Welcome to the Boat Racing Family.

        Dean F. Hobart


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          Re: Flying Point perspective/recap (unsolicited)

          Head to Maine for the SSOA Icebreaker the 19 20 21 st. - your all loaded .


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            Re: Flying Point perspective/recap (unsolicited)

            Hey squirrelboy, watch out for that Dave Augustine guy! I have known the Augustines since about 1967 or so, they are all good folks,Steve