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2019 Kittanning Race Aug 16 - 18 Roll Call

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  • 2019 Kittanning Race Aug 16 - 18 Roll Call

    The sanction has been approved and we are 16 days away from heading back to Kittanning.

    All stock, Mod & J classes - Friday will be a drivers school in the morning to early afternoon, then free testing after.

    Festival during both days with Food Vendors & Music in the Park & the Eagles will be hosting their Breakfast Buffet on Sat & Sun (with Drivers Meeting being held at the Eagles on Sunday).

    There is a rumor that Dave Deck and his band The Propnuts might be preforming on Saturday Night. The Propnuts are a mix of 80's Big Hair and C&W with Dave putting on his best Van Halen/ Garth Brooks impersonation. A must see opportunity.

    And if that was not enough, over $4500 in tow money.

    So who's coming? Let us know

    Updated 8/2/19 - I received a call and due to a conflict with their upcoming "The Shear Pin" World Tour that kicks off in Europe the following weekend, The Propnuts will not be playing at Kittanning this year. All presold tickets and VIP/ Backstage Passes can be returned to the box office for a refund. Thx
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    Brian 10s

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    What's up Doc? Race team will start to Pa. but a lot of pot holes between Grove, Oklahoma and Kittaning. So cool to see signs the says X miles to New York City. Now that is a "fur piece."


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      Sees Racing will be there with: ASH,ASR,BSH,20SSH,300SSH.


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        hopefully I don't bust them again 250 350 400MH


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          i will be there in 350mod h and 500mod h. jhn mauck will be there also 350mod h, jh and axh.

          frank novotny


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            44-P Running CSR and CSH. I will be their Friday Morning to help with Drivers school.
            Is the Eagles club having the Breakfast Buffet Saturday and Sunday like they did last year ?


            • Brian10s
              Brian10s commented
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              Yes the Eagles are our Title Sponsor and they will be having the Breakfast Buffet both Sat & Sun, with the Drivers Meeting being held at the Eagles on Sunday.

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            Wlodarski Racing
            Bsh, 15ssh
            Johnny Wlodarski III


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              CSH maybe 20SSH

              Dave ~ 26P


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                Looking forward to seeing all of you in 2 weeks.



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                  George and moxie 300ssh


                  • Flatiron
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                    You told me Moxie ran off and joined the Circus

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                  Dave Young 25SSR
                  Riley Young JSH and AXH
                  Dave W. Young
                  "Roll it up or roll it back on the trailer"


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                    We are bring two 400 mod boats to insure we have a class. Need the Famous Steve French to appear with his rig and some guys that have B hot rod or OMC 22ci hydros. We could use some help because after driving all night we will be a motley crew.


                    • Hydro doc
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                      Need driver

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                    hydro doc, i'll drive one if you need help. i thin mike will have his 400 mod there.

                    frank novotny


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                      It would be Awesome to drive one of those loud Beasts. I'm willing


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                        CSH and possibly 500MH. I'll be there Thursday to help set up and Friday morning to help Dave with driver school.
                        Dane Lance