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  • Last chance to save $$

    Wakefield pre-registration deadline has passed. We would still like you to pre-register if you have not. We are going to extend the deadline for the cheaper 60.00 entry fee until Tuesday 7/9/19 night at 11:59PM. If you have not pre-registered you should save yourself the extra 20.00 and do it now.

    Classes that numbers are hurting are: 125CCR = 2, 125CCH = 3, 250CCMH = 2, 500CCMR = 3, 500CCMH = 1, BSR = 2, DSH = 8 (would be nice to have at least 9 just in case someone does not make it out both heats)
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    Don Allen

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    I sent in my regular. For D stock, should be 9.


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      C stock hydro guys might register in 500hydro if you run it on wed. We would run 500hydro if you run it Tuesday or wed. I remember Donny running 500 at Wakefield.
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