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Laydown vs Kneeler designs.

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  • Laydown vs Kneeler designs.

    What are the main differences between a laydown vs kneeler in hydro design. Is it a difference in boat length, control location, etc. Can a kneeler be converted to a laydown or are the designs too different for that. Aside from cornering what are the advantages to a laydown...and I am talking about SO classes not MOD or PRO.......

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    Weight is a few inches forward. A heavy person is at a dis advange because more surface of the boat will touch. Horse power and more lift can be used. Length helps as well. France , who is a small person had success in the A Stock class. No aware who other person has been success in the C S hydro. D motors are strong enough to over some of these physical problems.


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      If you are truly interested in what makes a laydown euro style hydro work, e-mail me