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  • Birthday Greetings

    Happy birthday Hunt!!!!!! Jack

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    Not sure where Hunt is today but want to wish him a very Happy Birthday


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      Jack and Dan,
      Thanks for the birthday wishes. We head to New Hampshire in 10 days for the summer. I spend a lot of time in June/July volunteering with the New Hamsphire Boat Museum where they are having a big exhibit of vintage 50's/60's stock racing boats along with current stuff. Steve Noury is leading the effort with the South Shore Outboard Association and will display an old AU/KG-4, a BSH/Mark 20H, and his current DSH/Mercury 44.
      The word on the street is that Dan has hung up his knee pads after a long racing career starting back around 1960 or so. And of course Jack is off the race course but spending a lot of time as race director/referee/inspector. It was great racing you guys in 20SSH and CSH in the late 90's/early 00's. Take care.


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        Happy belated birthday Jack. Looking forward to catching up when you arrive in the Granite State. If you make it in time, 8th Annual Milton NH Race is June 8-9.