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Mercury Stock 20H hydro and runabout (special event classes) at Wakefield 2019

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  • Mercury Stock 20H hydro and runabout (special event classes) at Wakefield 2019

    We will be running Stock Mercury 20H hydro and runabout (special event classes)

    we will be racing under the 1988 stock rules as used in past runs at Wakefield (details to come on complete rules)

    You can run the 20H in Mod 250 classes!!! This will give you some really good testing before the 20H races at end of the week!!

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    If anyone has some donations or prizes to go to the 20H races please contact me using P.M thru this website!!

    I do have some Great trophies from 1950's- 1960's for 1st thru 3rd already from past nationals championships that was donated for this race!!!

    Thanks 53-W


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      bump getting closer!!!


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        20H special event drivers!! you must pre register please do so NOW!!!

        Rules as last raced at Wakefield

        rules 1988 stock specs for engine, no cdi, must be points!
        stock carbs allowed under the 1988 rules only
        engine must be stock from flywheel to prop shaft!

        Hydro 370 pounds and prop shaft below bottom

        Runabout 380 pounds prop shaft 1-3/8 below bottom and no side fins


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          1st thru 3rd 20H runabout Trophies all from past 1960's nationals !!!
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            Wakefield 2019 20H Hydro Thunderbowl 1ST,2ND,3RD Place Awards. 1960's Trophies Won By Ron And Gerry Hedlund!