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    300ssH Drivers,
    Warning: Do not over tighten your prop!

    Last weekend we had a new 300ssH shear pin shear. It ended up that we tightened it too much and that caused it to shear. Be sure to not over tighten the prop locknut (sorry I don't know the torque spec) OR you can use the castle nut and cotter pin that comes with some 321s.

    Happy racing!
    - Mike

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    That would be next to impossible with an OMC "drive pin" 307949.


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      Thanks for the info, that should help everyone!


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        Good advice that pin is in double shear and over tightened starts the shear process. Back in my race days (and fooling around at AOMCI meets these days) with the Y80 and 25ss I used the nylock nut on the prop shaft and only tightened it with a small ratchet with about 15 lbs on the handle, it never loosened . Also always put wheel bearing grease on the shaft and in the prop shaft hole then put the prop on just in case there was a pin shear the grease helped a bit to reduce prop seizure on the shaft, like chicken soup. Never did shear a pin.
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          Thank you pav225
          I got a nylock prop nut from TJ but I lost it
          I went back to the castle nut & cotter pin
          Did you consider that it may have been the MASSIVE TORQUE of the mighty 321 that wasted that pin
          Thx again


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            I’m going with...Mike went back a second time to make sure it was tight. Iíve taken a few of our props off that he and Donny have tightened and I almost had to get Jim Sweeney to take them off for me.
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            Don Allen


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              Scary...That's exactly what happened! Way over tightened it and then the shear pin broke before the race. Not good.
              I like the idea of the OMC pin, has anyone tried this?
              Without shear pin holes on the side, and with very little clearance between the prop and tail cone, it's a real pain to get the prop off when it's stuck.
              Hopefully people can learn from our mistake and remember the warning.

              - Mike


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                My 300 prop got stuck after I smacked a rock at Berwick

                Ed Runne drilled two holes (approx. where a regular shear pin would be) and used someone's home made prop puller to get it off.
                The whole process took over an hour...Ed is THE MOST patient person that I have ever met


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                  Thanks for sharing George. I heard someone else did something similar to get their prop off.

                  Just a thought. ..maybe we could propose they all get holes drilled just in case they need to get pulled. Very unlikely they would need to be used, but they are there if you need them.


                  • Mike29J
                    Mike29J commented
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                    we had similar problems 2 previous times. was able to get the prop off but it took a real long time and the use of gear puller. Luckily it didnt happen during a race where we would need to switch props between heats
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                  • squirrelboydeluxe
                    squirrelboydeluxe commented
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                    By divine intervention, I had my 20v Dewalt cordless drill & a tin box full of whupped out drill bits with me...I didn't think you could even drill stainless steel with a regular (let alone DULL) drill bit but somehow the magical, gifted Mr. Runne made it look easy; which it surely was not.
                    Many thanks also to Mike Sharphouse 29J for the loan of their prop- which I used to great effect Sunday
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                  We noticed the shear pin that comes with the sealed 321 was very soft and easily bent when tightening. Yes, be careful or use stronger pins!