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Oshkosh, WI - Thanks BSOA!

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  • Oshkosh, WI - Thanks BSOA!

    Thanks BSOA for another great weekend at Oshkosh! 32+ heats on Sat and done by 4 pm, plenty of time for the great party and Fred and Linda's. What a great tradition that is.

    Done racing at 2:30 pm Sunday just before the rain hit then gather at The Bar for the wing party. Sure is nice when everyone is ready to go for the next heat while the current heat is completing their last lap. Makes for a very quick running schedule.

    Thanks Darrel for working so hard on this race. Thanks to Fred and Linda for the party. Thanks to inspectors Kent Gabrielson, Roger Pryzbyla and Andy Hansen, Referee's Cooper Jess and Mark Gabrielson, Risk Man Jeff Scheffler, safety boat and shuttle drivers Pat Gorchals and Dan Evans, Ryan Burdick for the course, pit boss extraordinaire Kris Shepard, all those who helped with the PA and snow fencing, and last but not least - first time chief scorer Cassandra Olson!

    We also had a student driver that had so much fun with the school and racing that she worked a set on the judge's stand on Sunday. Thanks to Ed Hearn and the Shepards for lending her the equipment and thanks Cassandra for being such a good teacher on the judge's stand.

    That was about as smooth a running weekend as I have ever seen. I hope we all remember how we did that for Beloit and Rock Falls!

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    Re: Oshkosh, WI - Thanks BSOA!

    I've been to every edition of the Oshkosh race and never seen one go any smoother. The heats were run off so fast that there was never time to announce any results. I hope someone is planning to post the results here so everyone can see them.


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      Re: Oshkosh, WI - Thanks BSOA!

      Thanks for all that came and for helping out, it takes everyone working together to put on a good race!!!

      This made our 21st year in a row at Oshkosh great!!! 21 years straight of being able to get two days worth of racing in, we never did not finish both days worth of racing!!! We been wet, but never been blown out, ever!!!

      So put it on your calendar for next year, Labor Day Weekend 2019!!! Come experience 22 years straight of putting boats on the water at Oshkosh!!

      Oshkosh is one of the few race course that I can say if you want to race and not worry about having driven far and then end up sitting on shore watching the wind blow, Come to Oshkosh we always race!!!

      We have 99.9 percent chance of racing do to small course and very sheltered water!!! We raced in winds that would of closed down any other race course!!

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        Re: Oshkosh, WI - Thanks BSOA!

        Good Job to BSOA!!!


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          Re: Oshkosh, WI - Thanks BSOA!

          Well said! Super fun and well run race!!

          Thanks to you also Bill.