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302 ignition spark issue

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  • 302 ignition spark issue

    We have a Y102 that we put a 302 ignition on. The motor has been rebuilt already, and we've had trouble with intermittent or no spark since the conversion, getting progressively worse. It would start (with 5 or 6 pulls), run full for about 4-5 seconds then die out, now has no spark. No wires are cut or worn, connections are like new. Killswitch was never hooked up, still running stock setup. Want to know what to ohm out or replace... Any ideas?? Trying to get it going for Lock Haven...

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    Re: 302 ignition spark issue

    302 Ignition 6-9-17
    These readings are taken from new and known good units. Ohms reading on electonics can vary up to + or - 20%
    Meter used was a Fluke 73 II digital auto-ranging volt-ohms meter. Voltage used for ohms testing was a consistant .729 volts
    Other meters with different ohms testing voltage will affect the electronics differently and give different ohms readings.
    Non Auto-Ranging meters may use different voltages in different ranges
    Non Auto-Ranging meters may reverse the polarity of the test leads in different ranges
    Primarily what your looking for is an open circuit that should have resistence or a close circuit that should not be.
    Pick up coils
    green-red 195.4-202.7 ohms
    Primary coils
    ground-blue 2.6-3.2 ohms
    Secondary coils
    black-white 1.9-2.1 ohms
    ground to end of copper core spark plug wire 5.776-6384 K ohms
    Transistor Unit black-red meter test leads red-black meter test leads
    ground-green open ground-green 2.071 m ohms
    ground-black open ground-black open
    ground-white 2.046 m ohms ground-white 2.047 m ohms
    ground-red 31.5 k ohms ground-red cycling on off on continuously
    ground-blue open ground-blue open
    black-green open black-green open
    black-white charge then open black-white open
    black-red open black-red open
    black-blue closed-0.2 ohms black-blue closed-0.2 ohms
    blue-green open blue-green open
    blue-white open blue-white open
    blue-red open blue-red open
    red-green open red-green 2.117 m ohms
    red-white 2.152 m ohms red-white 2.105 m ohms
    white-green open white-green 4.82 m ohms


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      Re: 302 ignition spark issue

      Nick I will have a spare 302 mag at Lock Haven if you can't get it running beforehand.
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        Re: 302 ignition spark issue

        Depending on the electrical quality of the spacer that you needed to add under the bearing holder you may not be getting a good ground for your mag. I would try running a ground wire from the outside of the mag housing to the 102 case. Also, I always put internal star washers on all ground connections because they provide a reliable gas tight metal to metal connection.
        John Adams
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        • GrandpaRacer
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          I should add that you want the ground wire attached to the mag holder case not the bearing holder. The best place to connect the ground wire would be at a 6mm bolt used to lock the mag down.

        • Joe J
          Joe J commented
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          John: when I upgraded my 102 with the 302 ignition, I did NOTHING other than change the bearing carrier. I have read others say there was machining needed, but I am unsure what that refers to.


        • GrandpaRacer
          GrandpaRacer commented
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          Joe, Right no machining needed, only need about a 0.030 shim under the 302 bearing holder.

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        Re: 302 ignition spark issue

        I have seen these develop a bad connection through corrosion at the plug together connectors. check for continuity and look for that black oxidation, usually on the plug that goes to the coils.