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  • Outboard Catagory

    Outboard Category:

    Remove 45 – it’s an OPC class
    Remove 20ssh – see below
    Remove 25ssr - redundant
    Remove the 200ccH/R (the Hotrod Mod) – local class
    Remove 400cmH – local class
    Remove 175cch – no one make s 175 motor, just 125s stepping up
    Remove OSY 400 - redundant
    Remove one antique class – pick one, the one with the most cranks left
    Remove k Pro – match up age for ASH
    Remove 700cch – 1100 is plenty
    Remove 500cch – 1100 is plenty
    Add CSH Lite (400 lbs with a restrictor)
    Remove 750cmR (will run with 850s with no weight) – same ETs

    Hall can be base off what the inboard category does – only AWESOME seasons get in, not just the top three, just because.

    Cut the commissioners by 2/3rds.

    Combine rule books.

    Have fun.

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    Re: Outboard Catagory

    Love it.
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    Dylan Runne


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      Re: Outboard Catagory

      Only thing I can see is keep OSY 400. If its run it must be with a beach start.


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        Re: Outboard Catagory

        I like most of it except I would keep 25SSR because of the Mercury engine and CSR is really for big guys and average size races can run 25. It could be a transition class from BSR to CSR. Maybe a smaller boat too. To go with your idea call it CSR Lite.
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          Re: Outboard Catagory

          I'm guessing you meant 250 Mod and not 200 Mod, right? You mentioned the Hot Rod, so I'm just making sure that we are on the same page.


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            Re: Outboard Catagory

            Keep OSY but entrants MUST follow ALL UIM rules for the class. Makes sense since literally every other country that runs the class follows the same set of rules.

            IF 25ssr is Removed:

            Add CPR (C Performance Runabout) 420 pound. Stock Rules, Yamato 102/202/302/321 Runabout class. Add Modified Gearcase rules. 0" propshaft depth, no tuck rule, no setback rule, Stock CSR boat dimensions. 3-blade props. Let the Mercury 25xs compete with 25ssR rules, no restrictor. Need a light driver yamato runabout class.

            Agree on HOC.
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              Re: Outboard Catagory

              OSY goes. UIM OSY is an international class which you can race at ABPA event if you’d want to. America!

              CSR lite I could deal with, but you’d have to choose between that or 300ssR (my choice)

              No nilly, willy, silly classes just because of what you have on your trailer and on your motor rack.

              I guarantee, if the stock made decisions for the mod and pro categories, the Pro for stock and mod and the mod for stock and pro, we would all be in a better spot.

              New commissioners get a 5 year term to see this through, no rule changes for those 5 years, no new classes, other than the potential exception of the reintroduction of the 250mh/r with a PRD Fireball.

              Any classes that don’t race in 4-ish regions with a predetermined boat count of 25-ish will be on probation and if two years of boat counts are below the number for 2 years in the five year period, they are dropped from the Outboard Category and absorbed into the Classic Division.
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              • HydroKyle93R
                HydroKyle93R commented
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                I could live with 300ssR. Probably a better choice. As long as its not a 500 pound rig.

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              Re: Outboard Catagory

              ASH/ASR- Sidewinder
              15ssR/15ssH- restricted 20 SW
              BSR- unrestricted 20 SW/Merc 25/restricted Yamato
              BSH- restricted 302/321 or Yamato 80
              CSH/CSR- current engines
              DSH- Tohatsu
              300H- Y 321
              125 mod H/R- Fireball
              BMH- current engines
              CMH/CMR- current legal engines
              DMH- current
              FEH/FER- current legal...of which FER is majority of DMR's that step up to make class How many "True" FE engines run? Same in hydro quite frankly.

              What was the point/goal of the 125 mod Fireball engine? Mod certainly doesn't need a new FA and A Mod are basically dead currently. I assume it's meant to replace them....with currently available equipment...which is a smart idea.

              I've got 20 years worth of participation numbers in every stock/mod class as reference data.

              Largest stock classes over that period are CSH and 20ssH...averaging over 100 drivers. Say what you will about can't kill the 2nd largest class in all of boat racing. Just rename it BSH.

              ASH/ASR have dropped dramatically switching from OMC to SW.

              Mod...all classes dropping...mostly BMH, DMH and FEH. Why?

              The above model gives everyone with current engines a class to race. Newer engines being the clear engines of choice/speed advantage.

              As for PRO....what is there left to save? If you're not US Title series....there's virtually no races. Look at the Nationals. Really???

              Full fields at every weekend race should be the goal.

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              • Black Sheep
                Black Sheep commented
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                Good point 94H. I believe the problem has multiple layers. I too have been a race director a few times. What about fewer classes and a 3-heat format with an increased entry fee? I typically run one class, and I would like to run three heats per day rather than two.
                The other problem (In my opinion) is that most races are being put on strictly for the "Racers", not as an "Event" that could draw legitimate sponsorship dollars to offset 40 heats a day of 4 and 5 boat races. Once there is some excitement to the "Event" with a real show and real sponsors that will help generate new racers to slow the Slow Death our sport is experiencing. Basically I am encouraging a HIGH QUALITY EVENT as opposed to a HIGH QUANTITY RACE.

                add $0.02

              • Big Don
                Big Don commented
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                Agree, 3 heat format, more time on water per entry. Raise entry fee if needed.

                Problem is, with many, they will not pay the extra $10.00. Raise entry fee from 35.00 to 45.00 at a race and watch what happens to your entry's. Or maybe it's just our area that start scratching classes when we try raising entry fee. Entry fee is the cheapest part of racing. I just don't get it.

                With that said, we do have to start making some changes. Most will agree we are dying of a slow death and if we don't change, we will all be racing something else. Changes are going to hurt some, but it's what we have to do, if we want to move forward and save this sport.

              • Big Don
                Big Don commented
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                What was the point/goal of the 125 mod Fireball engine? Mod certainly doesn't need a new FA and A Mod are basically dead currently. I assume it's meant to replace them....with currently available equipment...which is a smart idea."

                My understanding is, it is not intended to replace 200MH or 200MR.

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              Re: Outboard Catagory

              FA OMC...combine with Fireball but shouldn't be faster.
              A Mod Hot Rod...only motor eliminated.


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                Re: Outboard Catagory

                Okay... I'll bite...

                OSY with the UIM rules.
                I LIKE the 300 Runabout idea in place of 25ssR
                Ditch A Mod and keep Formula A
                Let the 25xs and the Y80 die from SORC... They're a Legal B Mod *Note I say this and I own multiples of both engines*

                Allowing or legalizing certain engine combinations to save a handful of entries dilutes racing in the big picture, which is basically how our sport has developed so many classes. But let me check what's in MY trailer before vote...
                ....and don't get me started about the Yamato's... My research leads me to believe that Global Warming in North America make them no longer cool properly...

                That's all for now,
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                • Big Don
                  Big Don commented
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                  You are correct, it was caused by global warming.

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                Re: Outboard Catagory

                OSY400 with UIM rules? With Yamato not producing 302 or 321 motors or parts where are stock heads, gear cases and mid sections (non-APBA drilled or enhanced) going to come from?


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                  Re: Outboard Catagory

                  Solid point rbcronin... We (the category commissions) did that to ourselves... Too bad we have to take these engines apart and cut on them to make them "More Stock"...


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                    Re: Outboard Catagory

                    Be careful with the 300 Runabout. Try to avoid big heavy boats and restricted engines to start. Here is what I think. Write a class profile!
                    Enfry levlel Class Runabout 14 to 30 age group. Over 30 group can run but will not be considered in overall weight determination.
                    Average weight driver being 175 driver going approximately 57 to 60 Mph. Overall weight being approximately 400 lbs using 10’6” boats. The motor restriction and height is detrlerminded after testing. Note: after a driver wins 2 National Championships, the weight is increased 25lbs.
                    Note: approved competition boats only for records.


                    • Flatiron
                      Flatiron commented
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                      Why put a age cap on the entry level Runabout class ? I'm a 50 year old 2nd year inspiring Runabout driver. I also think the weight is a bit on the light side.

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                    Re: Outboard Catagory

                    300ssH has really taken off, why wouldn't 300ssR?


                    • Jason Diamond
                      Jason Diamond commented
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                      I was told that with the majority of available runabout being CSR size, testing of 300ssR was a slow terrible ride. I imagine we would need more purpose built boats just like 300ssH.

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                    Re: Outboard Catagory

                    ....and don't get me started about the Yamato's... My research leads me to believe that Global Warming in North America make them no longer cool properly...
                    lol that's funny.